Yes or No Questions with a Pendulum


Do you need to find answers and get them fast? You can use a pendulum to help connect with your intuition and get answers. If you have a decision to make, you can use the pendulum to give you accurate answers and it’s easy to use.

Pendulums have been around for years, and they have been used to help people to find resources such as water underground. This is called dowsing. It also has been used to help find answers to questions and to help find out if someone is sick.

Pendulums usually require yes or no answers but if you are trying to find something like a sickness in the body, you need to ask specific questions to get specific answers.

If you have never used a pendulum before or you are new at it, you can make a spiritual connection by using your intuition to guide you. Using a pendulum can guide you and help you just like other tools such as crystals, tarot cards and more.

Using a Pendulum

The first thing that you should do before you start using a pendulum is to cleanse it. This is a spiritual thing, and it doesn’t mean that you clean it with water. You need to let out the energies that are inside of your pendulum and remove energy from the last time it was used.

Cleanse your pendulum by smudging or by putting it in the moonlight overnight.


If you decide to cleanse your pendulum with smudging, the best thing that you can do is to get a sage stick or Palo Santo and light it. Hold the pendulum by the chain and let it swing into the smoke that the sage lets off. Ask your pendulum to release the energies inside of it and thank the pendulum for always being there to guide you. Ask it to help you to reach your highest good and to give you clear answers. You can cleanse your pendulum as often as you feel it is needed.

Testing the Pendulum

When you are ready, you need to focus on how your pendulum moves. The movements are normally left to right, right to left, back and forth or even in a clockwise or counter-clockwise motion.

Ground yourself and then ask your pendulum questions that you already know the answer to. Say something like, “Is my name (whatever your name is)” and watch the movement of the pendulum. Make sure that your body is in a comfortable position, and you are sitting so that your arm won’t move.

When you ask the question, notice if your pendulum swings in a certain direction. Try asking another question that you know and establish your yes and no. Remember, your yes and no responses may change if you’re asking questions for someone else so you should always establish the movements for your yes and no answers to have clarity.

Asking Questions

Since you are looking for answers, you need to make sure that you are asking the right questions. Don’t ask questions such as “Will I win the lottery,” or even “What are the winning lottery numbers.” The universe will not allow these questions to be answered. Here are some good questions you can ask:

  • Is (say their name) my soulmate?
  • Should I make this investment?
  • Am I going to get the promotion I asked for?
  • Do I have a food allergy?

Remember, you can ask anything that you want to your pendulum. You can use it to make better choices in your life. Other ways that you can use the pendulum is to put things in front of you and ask which of these things will give you the greatest good.

Final Thoughts

Using a pendulum can be fun and it can give you answers that you seek. Make sure that you are grounded and that you cleanse your pendulum before you use it.