Using a Pendulum for Dowsing

Pendulum for Dowsing

Dowsing is a way that you can connect with your spiritual self. You can figure out what your path of life is and what your life purpose is. Dowsing can help you to see your aura and when you use a pendulum this can help.

Pendulums are things like a piece of wood or a charm that is at the end of a chain or string and they move in a swinging motion. As they move back and forth, they are using kinetic energy. The pendulum will swing, and it can help you through a spiritual practice called dowsing. Dowsing with a pendulum allows you to work with the energies of the universe around you and helps you to be balanced.

Pendulum dowsing allows you to get messages from the spiritual world and when you need guidance, you can ask your pendulum to help you.


People can use dowsing when they want to do healing in their body, and they can talk into the spiritual world to get answers that they need.


A pendulum is a piece of wood, a charm or something else that hangs on the end of a string or a chain. This can even be a yo-yo if that’s what you want to use. You can make one of these easily and as you do, you can use it to cleanse your energy and to heal you. Find something that is weighted to hang on your chain or string and let it move to get started.

As you make your pendulum, make sure that you clear your mind and that you allow yourself to be open to messages. You can get messages from your spiritual guides, and you can figure out what kind of cleansing and healing that you need. Dowsing can help to get rid of negative energy.

You can connect with your pendulum and then you can learn how to read it. The energy of your pendulum can bring about answers that you need.

Using Crystal Pendulums

There are certain crystals that can do things that people need such as manifest money, bring healing and other things. You can choose to use a crystal at the end of your string or chain to help your healing be even more powerful. Figure out what kind of crystal that you want to use and do this by allowing your intuition to guide you.

Some of the best crystals to use on a pendulum include:

    • Rose Quartz.
    • Amethyst.
    • Sodalite.

Use these crystals to help connect with your chakras including your crown chakra where your spiritual gift is.

How Does Dowsing Work

Once you understand how dowsing works, you can use this practice to help you understand the spiritual world better. Meditate and reflect on this and here are some things that it can help you with:

    • Figuring out where your energy is not balanced.
    • Target healing in certain parts of your body.
    • Cleanse negativity.
    • Help you to be in the right direction in your life.

Sending Messages with Your Body

Dowsing with a pendulum will be something that you do when you allow your body to do certain movements. These movements will come from your aura and your spirit even if you don’t recognize them.

Pendulums for dowsing can move in different directions and it can be different depending on who is holding the pendulum. Some will move left and right, and others will move in a circular motion.

Using Your Sixth Sense

The pendulum will help you to get answers to your questions. You can allow the guides to help you and make sure that you are grounded. Get in touch with what your body needs and as you recognize your intuition, you can use pendulum dowsing to be more aware of what you need.

Dowsing can help you to form a relationship with the pendulum and it will allow you to make a deeper connection with it so that you can understand the movements.

Questions for Your Pendulum

When you want to get answers in your life, you can ask the pendulum to help you. Here are some of the things that you should ask your pendulum!

Yes or No Questions

Pendulums aren’t going to give you a full answer to what you are asking but you have to use your intuition to help guide you. Asking yes or no questions to your pendulum is one way that you can seek out answers.

You should ask the questions that you want while you are concentrating on the question and once you get the answer, dig deeper into what it is telling you. Here are some questions that you can ask, or you can ask your own:

    • Should I change some kind of behavior in my life?
    • Do the things I am doing align with my spiritual life?
    • Is the person that I am around leading me down the right path?

Even though these are open-ended questions, as you get your yes or no answer you can explore the deeper meaning behind it.

Other Questions

You should ask your pendulum questions that are going to answer what you need. The questions don’t have to be complex, but you can ask easy questions.

The energy behind the pendulum can answer questions about your life such as:

    • Relationship questions.
    • Financial questions.
    • Career questions.
    • General questions.

Even simple questions like, “should I have this egg for breakfast?” can lead to other in-depth questions about your life.

Dowsing with a Pendulum

Here is what you need to do in order to be able to get answers from your pendulum:

  • Cleanse and Clearing Your Pendulum

There are energies that are attached to your pendulum, and it is important that you cleanse it before you ever get started. You also need to cleanse yourself and the space around you in order to get the most out of your dowsing.

Cleansing the energy form your pendulum will allow it to work the way that its supposed to work. You can choose any way that you want to cleanse it such as smudging or other ways.

You also need to make sure that you ground your energy before you ever start dowsing. Mediate for a little while before you use your pendulum and make sure that you are staying grounded. You can go out in nature for a while to reflect and clear your mind and energy.

  • Think About the Question

Before you ever start using your pendulum think about the question that you want to ask and really reflect on it. You can even write this in your journal, and you need to make sure that you are setting strong intentions. Each yes and no question that you ask will give you answers when you are dowsing. Reflect on the question that you are asking and deeply concentrate on it.

  • Let the Pendulum Move

As you start dowsing, hold your pendulum at the bottom with your fingertips. The weight on the bottom should be able to move. Concentrate on your intention and your question and let the weight start to move.

The chain or the string will allow the weight to dangle in the air. If you need to give it slacker, do that. As the pendulum starts to move, find the length that is right for your pendulum to make sure that it is free to move as it needs to.

Your pendulum might move differently than another pendulum and you can start by asking your pendulum, “what is my yes answer?” Once you ask this, the pendulum will move in a certain direction, and this will be the yes answer for you. Write down what your yes answer is.

Then, ask the same thing for your no and your maybe answer. Test out your pendulum by asking simple questions that you already know the answer to. You can say, “Is my name?” and ask the pendulum your name and see how it swings.

  • Get Your Answers

As the pendulum moves, focus on your question. Let the pendulum pick up on your energy and then see if you get a yes or no answer. As you dowse, you will get the answers that you need and if you need more clarity, ask more questions.

Final Thoughts

Watching your pendulum move can give you peace knowing that the pendulum has energies based around what you’re asking. No matter how the pendulum moves, notice the movement and tune into your spiritual self.

Develop the way that you dose and make sure that you are aware of your questions and your answers from your pendulum. Ask your spirit guides to help you to get answers from your pendulum.