Can You Use a Pendulum Too Much?


People wonder if you can use a pendulum too much and the answer is that this is a possible thing. This does depend on who you are and what your pendulum is doing for you. The relationship with your pendulum is going to be different than anyone else’s relationship and this will depend on the kind of work that you do with it.

Why Question This?

You need to figure out why you think that you might be overusing your pendulum. Sometimes when you use your pendulum or you keep it in your pocket or under your pillow, it might be exhausting to you and the pendulum. This could bring about dreams and cause you to not be able to sleep like you should be able to.

Even though this means they weren’t overusing the pendulum, they were keeping the pendulum to close to their being which was changing their energies. When this happens, you have to separate your energy from the pendulum and make sure that you have boundaries.

This might be something that you are going through, or you might be using the pendulum too much. You need to set boundaries and make sure that you are using your pendulum the way that you should.


The biggest thing to ask yourself is how much energies you are dealing with. If you are doing pendulum readings around the clock, then you might need to take a break from using it. If you feel exhausted or tired after a reading, chances are that you are using your pendulum too much. Take a break from it and give yourself space.

Type of Work

Another thing that you need to find out is what kind of work you are doing with your pendulum. Maybe you are asking your pendulum a lot of questions, or you are trying to reach your spirit guides. This too might exhaust you.

If your pendulum stops moving, this can be a big sign that you need to stop asking questions and you need to rest with the use of your pendulum for a while.

Some people will use their pendulum to help with projects and others will ask about fonts and other questions. The pendulum might not move when you ask questions and if so, you might need to rest for a while.

Your Pendulum

The truth is that all pendulums are different and some you can use day in and day out without any problems while others will cause your energy to be depleted. If your pendulum stops answering you or you are not getting the right movement, you need to stop using it for a while.

Sometimes pendulums are good to be around all day while others will wear out and need time to be reenergized. Check with your pendulum on what is going on. This can change each day and you might be able to use it for certain things on one day and the next it might not work for you.

If you are in a place that you want your pendulum to help you in public, you need to ask if you can keep it in your pocket and if it will help you. You have to understand that if the answer is no, don’t do it.

What Do You Feel?

What do you feel? This is a question that can help you to know if you are overusing your pendulum or not. It can be questions that you are asking or it can be the moment or even your own energy. If your energy isn’t working right, chances are that your own energy isn’t up to par.

Maybe you are awake one day and you are able to work harder with your pendulum and the next day you are tired.  You might be using your pendulum too much and you might be asking it too many questions. This is a problem, and you will need to give it a rest.

Final Thoughts

Pay attention to how you are using your pendulum and how its energies are affecting you. If you are using the pendulum in the right way and it still isn’t working right, take a break and try to pick it up another day.