About Us

A few years ago, when I thought about the state of my life, I wasn’t too pleased. I was too busy, constantly stressed, and not giving my attention to my health or the health of the relationships I had with the people around me. I wasn’t being my best self, and I certainly wasn’t improving my life at all.

I did the usual things people do when they feel like their life isn’t going in the right direction. I tried to slow down and to create boundaries at work, so that I could go home to my family a little happier and mentally sound. I started taking more walks, getting together with friends I’d been neglecting, and investing in creating healthier habits for myself.

I knew that I needed to change, and I needed to make healthier choices in order to fully enjoy my life again. I needed rhythm and balance both in my physical body and my mental state. Practices like meditation and yoga helped develop my personal sense of intuition and perspective on challenges in my life.

My name is Garnet Wilson, and pendulum psychic readings helped me get out of my funk and allowed me to start working towards a better life for myself. I liked that I am able to do my own personal readings or consult a psychic for additional support when I want to. My pendulum readings have allowed me to declutter my mind and help with my meditation practice as well.

If you want to change your life and create healthier habits, consider pendulum readings as another way to improve your mental health and spiritual wellbeing. Pendulums can be made from any small object and readings should be conducted in a quiet, relaxing space. Making this space for myself already improved my state of mind!

Pendulum readings have helped me awaken my intuitive and psychic senses and allowed me to tune into messages and images from the spiritual world. Short, focused sessions are best, and you can always work up to longer sessions as you grow your pendulum practice. Like any skill practiced regularly, you can get better with time.

If you are interested in learning more about pendulum psychic readings, this website is for you! I’ve built this website to be a resource for people who are curious about improving their own intuitive senses and becoming more involved in their own spiritual and psychic growth. I hope you find what you are looking for.