Can Pendulums Give You Answers?


Some people wonder if they can get the answers that they need from a pendulum. There are people that will ask the pendulum weird questions wondering if they are going to get a certain job or if they should choose this over that.

There are places that you can go to learn more about pendulums, and it can be questionable if your pendulum can give you the answers that you need and if it can help you to reach into your intuition to get the right guidance.

History of Pendulums

Using a pendulum is also called dowsing. This is when you can hang a charm or something from a chain and ask questions that are yes or no. Some will use the pendulum to find water, minerals, gold, or oil. Even during the war, some marines would use the pendulum to find mines that are under the ground.

People have been shocked about the things that have been found by using a pendulum. This has been used to locate submarines and to find other important things. The power seems to be endless.

Sometimes people will use the pendulum to reach into their intuition. This can become a part of what you believe and once you connect with the pendulum and with the universe, you can see that it can help to give you answers to things that you probably really already known.

When you have a big decision to make that is emotional, you can hold the pendulum and think about the question and then see if it influences how the answer comes to you.

Connecting with the Pendulum

It is always important to make sure that your tools are cleansed, and this is the same with the pendulum. You should do this just like you would with a crystal or another tool.

Cleanse your pendulum by smudging. Light the sage and burn it around the pendulum to make sure that the energies are purified. The pendulum and the room and even your own body should be cleansed before you do any kind of work.

If you aren’t wanting to do smudging, you can cleanse it with crystal bowls, tuning forks, Tibetan Bells, sound healing, the moon, the sun, salt, or water.

Trying Out Your Pendulum

Once your pendulum is cleansed, you will need to understand what it is telling you. Make sure that your hand is steady. Use your dominate hand and keep your elbow on a table or a solid surface. Hold the pendulum at the top of the chain and then ask a question that you are sure about. You can ask, “Is my name?” And say your name. See how the pendulum moves and you will know that this is the yes answer.

Then ask a question that you know is a no answer. You can ask something like, “It today Sunday?” And as it moves, you will know if the answer is no. The pendulum will swing in a clockwise or counter clockwise motion with the answers that you get. If the pendulum moves left to right or right to left, you will be able to know which response is yes and which is no.

Test your questions and your yes or no answers with the pendulum to make sure that the answers are right. You can try some questions before you get started on your reading.

Questions to Ask the Pendulum

After you know what the pendulum is saying to you, ask some questions. You can’t ask if you are going to win the lottery because this isn’t the right kind of question to ask. You need to ask questions like, “Am I ready to meet my soulmate?” And then let the pendulum tell you yes or no so that you know how to work on yourself.

Here are some other questions to ask:


  • Am I compatible with this person?
  • Is this the right relationship for me?
  • Does he really love me?


  • Is this the right food for me to eat?
  • Am I allergic to this food?
  • Is this the best food for my wellbeing?


  • Is this the best job for me?
  • Would this be the right time for me to change careers?
  • Should I ask for a raise?


  • Is it time for me to buy a car?
  • Should I try to get a better price?

Pendulums and Choices

You can use the pendulum with things that you have written down and let the pendulum point out things on the paper to give you an answer. Maybe there is a house that you want to buy but you can’t choice between the houses. You can write the different houses down or the different towns and then you can let the pendulum show you which one to pick.

You can also use the pendulum to figure out which vegetable to eat that day. Line up the vegetables and then ask the pendulum which vegetable to eat that day and let it pick for you.

Some people will even choose which crystals or which essential oils that they should use for the day depending on what they are doing or where they are going.

Finding Lost Things

A pendulum can be used to find lost items. You can ask a questions such as, “Am I going to be able to find this item?” If the pendulum tells you no, you will be wasting time trying to find it. If it tells you yes, you will be able to then ask questions to help you figure out where the item is.

You might name a few places that you were at such as a certain store, in the car, in a certain room in your house or something else. Think of the places that you might have left it and then use the pendulum to give you directions to where the item might be.

Final Thoughts

When you are finished using the pendulum, always thank it for helping you. Connect with your pendulum so that you can have more accurate answers and so that you can learn to trust the answers that your pendulum gives you. This can strengthen you and build your own intuition.