How to Use Pendulum Dowsing

Pendulum Dowsing

One of the most known tools of divination is pendulum dowsing. This is something that almost anyone can learn to do. Here are some things that you need to know to use pendulum dowsing:

What is a Pendulum?

A pendulum is an object that is weighted that hangs on a chain or a string. This is held from the top so that it will swing back and forth. Some people will use crystals to hang off the end or others will use a ball or even something like a key. This is something that can be used and people that have strong intuition can really benefit from this kind of tool.

Why Use Pendulum Dowsing?

There are different reasons that people choose to use pendulum dowsing such as:

  • Healing.
  • To get rid of negativity out of an area.
  • To help find lost things.
  • To find water.

How to Use Pendulum Dowsing

Pendulum dowsing can work by using your intuition. The pendulum will swing but the energy comes from inside of you. As your energies move and as your angel guides or spirit guides come around, the pendulum will move. You can ask questions such as yes or no questions and the pendulum will swing a certain way. This will give you the answers that you are looking for.

How to Get Pendulum Dowsing Answers

People wonder how the pendulum gives answers. The way that the pendulum moves is how the answers come. The pendulum can move with the way that you move your hand, but this is not how it should come up with answers. You should use your mind, intuition, and your spirit guides to control the pendulum and not your hand.

What Kind of Pendulum to Buy?

There are many different kinds of pendulums, and you can choose what you want. You don’t have to buy one that is expensive in order to get answers. Some people will use pendulums that are crystals while others will use different objects at the end of it.

Whatever pendulum that you choose, the best thing that you can do is to make sure that you have a connection with the pendulum. You might even have many different pendulums that you use for different reasons. You can use whatever you want at the end of the pendulum such as a key, bead, magnet, or anything that is heavy.

All you have to do is to have an object at the end of the string or chain and know that the necklace can move back and forth.

Before Using a Pendulum

Before you start pendulum dowsing, you need to make sure that you charge your pendulum. You need to take the energy inside of you and put it into your pendulum. Other ways that you can charge your pendulum is to put it in the sun or to put it in the moon to charge.

Some people will charge their pendulum in their hands by holding it and meditating on it. You can also ask your angels or your spirit guides to cleanse and charge your pendulum. Once it is charged and when you aren’t using it, put it in a velvet bag.

Using a Pendulum

Anyone can use a pendulum. You need to make sure that you have an open heart when you start and that you don’t have doubt on what the pendulum can do. The string of the pendulum has to be held between your finger and your thumb. Do this in a way that you feel good about it.

Some pendulums will have a circle that you can hold on to so that it is easier to use. The chain or the string shouldn’t be too long but long enough to get a good swing. If this gets too long, cut away some of the cord. As you are holding the pendulum still, rest your hand on something and hold the pendulum with your palm upward. This should be a time where the pendulum is not moving at all.

Be relaxed and don’t let your own body move the string. Watch the pendulum and wait for it to move. Ask a yes or no question that is easy such as, “Is my name Brian?” Then whichever the pendulum moves that is the right answer, that will be your response. If your name is Brian, the way that the pendulum moves is a yes answer. Then ask a no answer and let the pendulum move a different way.

Take time for the response to come because this can take time. Take time to get used to the pendulum and the way that it moves for your answers. Some people will accept a maybe as a nonmoving pendulum. The way that the answers come can change over time and so you need to always make sure that you start with this before moving forward.

Questions to Ask the Pendulum

You can ask the pendulum different questions, but the best ones are the yes and no questions. You need to practice asking simple questions such as, “Is today Monday?” and make sure that you find your yes and no answer movement.

This will help you to get used to the pendulum and the pendulum to get used to your energies. After this happens, start asking your questions.

What if the Pendulum Doesn’t Move?

There are times that the pendulum might not work and if this is happening to you, there might be some reasons such as:

  • You might be tired or overly emotionally.
  • You aren’t relaxed.
  • You aren’t negative.
  • You might be too close to electrical things.
  • You aren’t concentrating.
  • You might need to use a different pendulum.

Final Thoughts

You can use a pendulum to get answers that you need. Find out what your pendulum is saying to you and make sure that you are using it in a way that makes you feel at peace.