How to Use a Pendulum

How to Use a Pendulum

The pendulum is used for many different things. Some will use it for dowsing while others will use it in Feng Shi. When you are at home and you want to use dowsing, you can do this at home because your vibes in your home should be positive.

Using the Pendulum in Feng Shui

The word pendulum comes from the Latin word pendulous which means to hang down. This is a therapy that has been used for people for years to help to calm them and make them sleepy.

When you use a pendulum for Feng shui you can see that this can help to heal and to dowse. Some believe that the energy from the pendulum comes from the different crystals that are used to hang on the string.

The great thing about the pendulum is that it is supposed to get rid of negative energies that are in your home or in your room.

What Do You Use a Pendulum for?

Do you wonder what you can use a pendulum for? If so, you can know that there are many different stones that can be used in a pendulum that can be used for different things such as healing, communicating with the spirit world or getting rid of negative energies.

Stones in Feng Shui are often used to get rid of negative energies. These will help to raise your chi which is part of your yin and yang and to bring balance in your life.

When you look at the idea behind the pendulum you realize that this will swing and hang down in front of you. It has a point that is fixed, and it can help to clear your mind of things that are negative. There are ways you can use this pendulum.

The pendulum can swing back and forth, and it can be used to ask yes and no questions.

Using the Pendulum for Healing

Pendulums can be used to get rid of blockages in your chakras or in your body. You can use them in your home to get rid of negative energy. This tool can help to heal your body or your mind and can clear your chi of negativity. Here are some things you can do with the pendulum:

  • Balancing the chakras.
  • Grounding.
  • Clearing the aura from negative energy.
  • Getting rid of blockages.

When you use the pendulum to heal, you will need to let the stones and the pendulum choose you. There are many that you can find, hold them, and see which one you will feel the vibrations from.

Connecting with the Pendulum

People often know how a pendulum works but they don’t always know how to connect with one. You can find a pendulum and ask it questions.

The pendulum chooses you and you don’t choose it. You take a pendulum in your hand, and you find the one that is perfect for you by listening and feeling the energies that it gives you.

Using a Pendulum Stand

You can program the pendulum to do what you need it to do. You can hang it from a cord, or a necklace and you can hold it between your fingers. This should be at least 4 inches away.

The right way to hold a pendulum can change depending on what you are feeling. You can also use a pendulum stand that will not let it move up and down. Here is what you should do if you choose a stand:

  • Keep the pendulum clean.
  • Use a chart to keep it in the center.
  • Meditate at the end.
  • Meditate before asking questions.
  • Once you ask questions cleanse it again.

When you follow these rules, you will see that you can use the pendulum safely. Here are some other ways to use it:

  • Keep it cleansed first and foremost. Do this every time you use it.
  • Get your mind ready to ask questions.
  • Start with easy yes and no questions.
  • Once the pendulum begins to answer, make your questions more specific.
  • Keep your pendulum open to your questions and ask anything you want.

Pendulum and Love

You can use the amethyst pendulum if you want to use it for love. You can use this to help you figure out who you are meant to be with or if the person loves you.

An amethyst pendulum will help you to look in your heart and to stay calm and not to be anxious about things.

The pendulum will help you to find the perfect place where you can find love. Make sure to keep this cleansed when you use it.

Questions to Ask the Pendulum

There are many kinds of questions you can ask your pendulum such as:

Diet Questions:

  • Is this meal a good one for me to eat?
  • Am I eating healthy food?
  • When do I need to stop eating?
  • What supplement is good for me?
  • Should I fast?

Job Questions

  • Am I choosing the wrong job?
  • Should I change jobs?
  • Is my finances going to survive with this job?
  • Will I get a promotion?


You can use the pendulum for divination and dowsing. This is a tool that can give you information.

Let the user answer the questions with a cleansed aura. The pendulum will help you in ways such as:

  • Get rid of negative energies in the room.
  • Cleanse the chi.
  • Heal your mind, body, and soul.
  • Help you get rid of negative energy.

Pendulum Chart

The pendulum chart will help you to answer questions and calibrate the pendulum. You can do this by programming it by:

  • Holding it between your fingers in the center of the chart.
  • Calibrating it by using the chart.
  • Ask questions as it swings.
  • If the answer isn’t clear, hold it again.

Pendulum Board

A pendulum board can help to calibrate the pendulum to ask more detailed questions. With the pendulum board, you can hold the pendulum over the board, and it will give you yes and no answers.

Pendulum Swing

If you use a pendulum the first time you will get confused by how it swings and how it is answering your questions.

The pendulum will sometimes do weird movements and sometimes when someone asks questions on the same pendulum it will do different things.

Meanings of the swings:

  • Answered yes or no questions.
  • Question has to be asked fast.
  • Don’t ask questions that make no sense.
  • If you aren’t prepared to get an answer, don’t ask.
  • If the swing gets fast, it can mean someone is trying to contact you from the spirit world.

Holding the Pendulum

You need to make sure you are holding the pendulum correctly and here is how:

  • Keep yourself centered from negativity.
  • Connect with the pendulum.
  • Keep it 6 to 8 inches apart.
  • Ask specific questions.
  • Cleanse your pendulum.

Using Pendulum in Reiki

Here are some pendulum ideas in Reiki:

  • Use a different pendulum for healing.
  • Connect with yourself and your higher being.
  • Identify what is inside your heart.
  • Know the energy and see if anything is blocked.

Dowsing the Pendulum

Dowsing pendulum is a specific material that you use. The meaning of dowsing means that it works when connecting with the subconscious mind.

When you ask questions when dowsing, your unconscious mind will give you an answer.

You have to develop a connection with your pendulum to make it more connected to you.

Cleansing the Pendulum

You need to make sure that you cleanse your pendulum from negative energies. It is a procedure that helps you to activate the pendulum and here is how:

  • Smudging.
  • Cleansing with citrine.
  • Moonlight cleansing.

Pendulum Swings

The pendulum will answer yes and no questions. No means to swing side to side and yes back and forth.

Clockwise can mean yes and counterclockwise can mean no.

Finding Something with a Pendulum

You can ask your pendulum to help you find things and it will point you towards a path by the way it swings.

Using Everyday

You can use this as an everyday things such as movement, seeing gravity and more.

Telling the Truth

Do pendulums tell the truth? The way that the pendulum swings will help you to know the right answers to your questions.

How Long Does the Pendulum Swing?

You will see that the pendulum will swing for at least 2 seconds.


Pendulums are used as they swing, and you ask questions. They will give you answers to your questions. Pendulums are used for many things, and you can find one for you today.