Pendulum and Distance Reiki Healing

Pendulum and Distance Reiki Healing

Distance healing can be hard because people don’t always believe in it. They think that you have to have a physical connection in order to be healed.

Pendulums can be used to connect to energies, and this can help to bring people healing from a distance. Some will use Skype or Zoom to do this healing while others will find other programs.

You can see that the pendulum will pick up the energies and as it does, it will swing in a circular motion. This will show that the energy is moving and that it is flowing. As the pendulum moves back and forth it can mean energy is blocked.

Surrogate Healing

The pendulum can take energy and can move it to the right places. You can do this during a Reiki session, or you can do it from a distance. The energy is always there, and it is always flowing in the body rather it is blocked or not.

As the energy flows, you can see that the pendulum will swing differently depending on where the energy is. If the person has problems in their back, the pendulum will show where the person’s energy is stuck or blocked.

After that is figured out, the pendulum will be used with the Reiki session. Even a surrogate can be used to show how energy moves.

Strong Connection

There are people that live close to a reiki place, and some do not. Rather the person lives close or doesn’t a Reiki energy healing session can take place from a distance. Even though some don’t believe in this, it has been proven that it works by demonstrating the healing.

How it Works

Here is how pendulum distance healing works:

  • The person will connect with the Reiki master.
  • The Reiki master will let the pendulum move and see the directions it is going.
  • The client will relax and lay down while the Reiki master connects with the pendulum.
  • The pendulum will move to indicate that the energy is moving correctly, or it will move to indicate it isn’t.
  • If the pendulum is showing blocked energy, the healer can do Reiki from afar in order to bring healing to the parts that are blocked.
  • The client will feel better after the session.

Final Thoughts

Even though some don’t believe in distance healing, it is a real thing. Some will use this with Reiki and others will do their own thing to bring healing in a remote location. Clients that use this kind of healing see that they can do it from the comfort of their own homes without having to search for a healer.