Using Dowsing for Future Predictions


Have you ever used tarot cards or horoscopes in order to find out about your future so that you can increase your spiritual practices? If so, then you might want to give dowsing a try. This is a tool of divination that you can use on your own.

If you’re new to divination, then you might not know what a pendulum is. This is a stone, crystal or something else that hangs from a string or a chain. When you set your mind right you can use your pendulum to predict the future. This is called dowsing.

Dowsing has been around since ancient times, and it is often used to find missing things. It can be traced back in history to Ancient Egypt, Rome and China and it was also used to ask questions about when to plant crops and other things. It was also used to find metal and water in the ground during the Middle Ages.

Some people will use a rod instead of a pendulum by using the same process. The spiritual energies and the vibrations around you are all that you need. Hold the object steady and notice how it moves, and it can give you answers you’re seeking.

Pendulum Reading

You can do a reading with a pendulum and your intuition if you understand and know dowsing. All you have to do is to hold the pendulum so that it goes straight down. You can do this best by asking yes or no questions. Start by asking yes questions that you know the answer to and see how it moves and then do the same for no and maybe. After you get the movements then you can know what they mean, and you can ask bigger questions.

Pendulum Mat

If you’re someone that is new to divination, then you can use what is called a pendulum mat that you can find online. This will put answers in different places and then you hold the pendulum over the mat and wherever it swings is the answer you get.

Rather you choose to use a mat or not, you need to make sure that you set your intentions and you have a positive mindset to get the response that you’re looking for. Pendulum dowsing can give you information on your spiritual self and if you do it with an open mind then you will be able to get answers you are seeking. If you don’t want to do it yourself then you can hire a professional to do a reading for you.

Final Thoughts

Give dowsing a try and see how it helps you in your personal life. You might find that it gives you the answers that you’ve been seeking your whole life.