Using Pendulum Charts

Pendulum Charts

A pendulum chart is there to help you to be able to get answers from your pendulum that are more than yes or no questions. Your pendulum can be very detailed in giving you the answers that you need but this can be harder if you are a beginner.

Pendulum use has been around for many years and is a tool of divination that is used by psychics and even people that are just interested in the psychic world. Pendulums are tools that have a heavy piece such as a magnet, coin, or something else hanging at the bottom of a string. The string is held between the finger and the thumb, and the reader asks questions and then gets answers by the way that the pendulum swings.

There are many charts that are used in pendulum readings, and some are easy, but some are hard to understand. Each of them have the same idea and they are there to answer questions. Sometimes people will just use yes or no questions and depending on the way that the pendulum spins or moves will depend on the answer that you get. When you use a chart, your pendulum will use the points on the chart to answer the questions.

Pendulum Charts

Pendulum charts come in different shapes, and some will be a half circle while others are other shapes. The half circle is one that is easier to read sometimes because it has alpha-numeric answers, and you can figure out what the chart means and how the answers correspond with it.

The charts sometimes have things on them such as:

• Parentages.
• Dates.
• Names.
• Numbers.
• Quantities.
• Yes.
• No.
• Maybe.

Using Your Pendulum and Chart

Make sue that you are sitting straight and that you have both of your feet planted on the floor. The chart should be on a table, or another flat surface and you should be standing with it in front of you.

The arrow on the chart needs to be pointing away form you and when you hold the pendulum between your finger and your thumb, it should be free to move. Make sure that you are holding the pendulum above the arrow on the chart. This is called the hinge point and is where everyone should start. Next, hold the pendulum about an inch above the chart and keep your elbow tight. Let your hand move and dangle the pendulum above the chart.

Make a Fast Chart

A chart can be made if you need it quickly. You can draw it one anything from in the sand to on a piece of scrap paper.

Using Objects for Charts

If you don’t have something to write with or on, you can put objects in a certain order and you can hold the pendulum over it and see if you can get the answers you are seeking.