Pendulums and the Future


Do you work with a pendulum and find them to be full of mystery? People often wonder if pendulums can tell the future. The pendulum is an ancient tool that has been used for centuries and the way that the pendulum moves has been questioned by people for years. Pendulums are from different times, and they all have a certain purpose, even the clock invention was used as a pendulum for hypnosis.

Pendulums are objects that move in a motion and the observer can watch how the pendulum moves to get answers. The pendulum can be made by hanging a weighted object to the end of a wire, string, or something else.

Using the Pendulum

Using the pendulum is considered a field of magic and sometimes even scientific. Radiesthesia is a technique that is ancient that allows you to use the pendulum so that you can understand your subconscious mind more. The new things that you learn about your life can help you to make predictions on what is going to happen to you in your future.

You can also use the pendulum in order to find things or people that are lost. The idea behind this was scientific as it had to do with electrical waves that come from the pendulum. Radiesthesia is something that sends out energies and vibrations that can be seen as powerful.

Finding the Right Pendulum

No matter what kind of pendulum you choose, the way that the pendulum works is always going to be the same. Some believe that the pendulum uses their own inner energies in order to move and so this is something that cannot be made by men.

You can choose whatever kind of material that you want to make your pendulum from wood to crystals and even stones or something else that is weighted. This can help you to have better energies in your life.

Predicting the Future with a Pendulum

You can change your future because it is based on free will. As you work on your life, you can learn what you need to change. Just like any other tool of divination, a pendulum can help you to understand your life so that you can make the changes necessary to make your future what you want it to be.

Instead of asking questions to the pendulum to figure out your future, you can use it for other things such as finding lost things. Use the pendulum in your hand and concentrate on what is missing. Let the pendulum swing and whichever way it swings, go, and find your missing object.

You can even go outside and find things with linear movements from your pendulum. If there is elliptical rotation it will show distance and if it makes turns, then the object that you are looking for is further away.

How to Use the Pendulum

You don’t need a pendulum to tell the future, but you can use it if you want to. The best way to use your pendulum though is to use it each day. The pendulum cannot do anything if there isn’t someone to operate it. If you suspend it to something that doesn’t move, or isn’t alive, it will not move at all. It only moves when it is used by a person.

Being in contact with the pendulum means that the operator is holding on to the string, chain or the wire between their thumb and forefinger. Here are some things the pendulum can do:

  • Be still.
  • Swing.
  • Rotate.
  • Turn counterclockwise.
  • Turn clockwise.
  • Move with the ellipse (in some situations).

Everyone can use a pendulum, but it doesn’t mean that everyone will get the same kinds of results. You need to make sure that you are doing your best when you use your pendulum and that you are open in your mind and heart.

Here are some things that you can do to understand your pendulum more:

  • Relax and stand up. Face eastward. Put your hand on your solar plexus and put your palm in toward your body and close your fingers.
  • Hold the pendulum with your right hand using the whole length of the rope. Let it center in front of your left hand and it will begin to turn in a clockwise direction.
  • Ask the pendulum a question and focus on the question.
  • If you aren’t able to focus, meditate and try again.

Pendulum Movements

Here are some pendulum movements that you can understand:

  • When the pendulum moves clockwise it means yes.
  • When the pendulum moves counterclockwise it means no.
  • Oscillation transversal towards the body means no.
  • Oscillation away from the body means yes.
  • Swinging diagonal means maybe.

If you don’t like the results that you get, try to refocus, and give the question another try. If the answers are not the ones you wanted to hear, don’t get frustrated but figure out how you can change the results in your life.

Why Does the Pendulum Work?

Science talks about how there is a practical and material plane. People that are mediums and speak into the spiritual world are able to use tools that are magical to them. There is a physical connection that is used when using tools of divination.

Divination and oracle are two separate things where oracle is based on revelation of a spirit by giving a message, divination is when someone is able to tell about things like the future by using different rituals.

The pendulum can be used as an instrument or a tool and the vibrations that come from the object are there to work with the spirit guides. This kind of practice is one that works with the magnetic field to help discover objects and to help to get more sensitive to radiation to use radiesthesia.

There are many different theories about pendulum use and some believe that this is something that is used with ESP by people or something that can be used to amplify a combination of the vibrations and the ESP.

The movement of the pendulum has to do with the human movement, and this means that a human has to be the one using the tool because it will not move if it is hung on an inanimate object. The operator doesn’t make the movement, but they make the connection.

Communication with the spirit world happens when there is a human arm that is used. Even people that don’t use mediumship can still use a pendulum to reach the spiritual world. The mind works with the subconscious and whatever information comes can help the person that is asking questions. Of course, if this was something that was always happening, people would be able to know the lottery numbers and would know a phone number without looking it up.

It is good to know that there are spirits that can come around when this tool is used, and they can help to make the requests known. Spirits should never be communicated with in order to stop free will or to hurt someone.

Final Thoughts

The results that you get when you use a pendulum have to do with vibrations and have to do with the evolution that happens when spiritual knowledge is increased. Pendulums work with the vibrations and the spiritual world to help get answers that people are looking for.