Using a Pendulum Safely


A pendulum is there to help you to get answers. It has a charm, or something weighted on the end and is hung by a cord or a string and is made to move back and forth or side to side to give answers.

You can use anything to make a pendulum but you need to make sure that you have a weight on the end. Some of the most known are wire cords with a stone, wood or a metal chain.

Pendulums can connect with the spiritual world and they are used to answer yes and no questions. When it swings front to back, this should indicate a yes answer and side to side a no answer.

Connecting with the Spirit World

Here are ways that you can use your pendulum to connect with the spiritual world:

  • Find the pendulum that you feel connected to.
  • Hold it in your thumb and forefinger with the hand you use to write.
  • Ask your spirit guides to come to you.
  • Deep breathe.
  • Ask your guides to swing the pendulum and answer yes.
  • Ask your guides to swing the pendulum and answer no.
  • Ask the pendulum to go to a still place.
  • Ask the question that you want the answer to.
  • Wherever the pendulum swings, give this as your answer.

You should be looking for a strong swing and don’t keep asking the same question over and over again to get the answer that you want. If your swing is weak, you can ask your question again so that you aren’t confused.

If you aren’t getting an answer from the spiritual world then it means that the answer isn’t there yet and you need to try another time. Don’t keep asking the same question over and over if you aren’t getting an answer.

Sometimes you might have to rephrase your question and then you can get the best answer. Make sure that the pendulum has a real and full swing. Communicating with the spiritual world requires energy from the spirits and as the objects move, this has a meaning.

The pendulum will work best in places where the spiritual world is charged. If you have meditated before you ask your pendulum things, this might give you the answers easier than if you just start out of nowhere.

How to Communicate with Your Spirit Guides

You can use your higher self in order to communicate with the spiritual world. You can ask your higher self to answer your energies and to give you answers. You can also ask your spirit guides and your angels to move the pendulum for you.

If you have a loved one that has died and they are trying to reach you, you can ask them to move the pendulum for you to give you answers.

Overusing a Pendulum

A pendulum can be used overly, and it might need to rest. It will be full of energy, and you need to let it dry out so that it can be strong. You might even need to replace your pendulum after a couple of years.

Should You Use the Pendulum to Connect with the Spirit World?

You can use your pendulum to connect with the spirit world because it helps to move on strong vibrations. If you like working with this tool, try different ones and see if you are able to connect differently with each pendulum that you use.