How to Ask Your Pendulum Questions


Do you have strong psychic gifts such as being a clairvoyant? Do you like to ask questions and get the answers you are seeking? If you are using a pendulum, you can take this small object and you can get giant answers with it. Look at how your pendulum moves and let yourself be guided by it.

Using different tools such as numerology and tarot cards is the same as using a pendulum. This is a tool of divination that also takes practice and knowledge. Do you want to get answers from your pendulum and find out how it works? Read more to find out how.

Understanding Divination

Using divination with your pendulum is when you take a string, or a chain and you hang a heavier object at the end. You allow this to move by holding it at the top and it can answer questions about your past, present or future.

You can hold on to the pendulum and by using radiesthesia, you can interpret how the vibrations move and get soul answers. This kind of divination helps you to reach between your conscious and subconscious mind and can help you with predictions about your life. You can also use this to find things that are missing.

Using a Pendulum

Using a pendulum is not hard but it does take practice. You can ask a question to the pendulum about your future, and you will see that your mind will respond to the answer and the pendulum will move either counterclockwise or clockwise. These movements will give you a yes or no answer.

Asking the Right Questions

This type of divination will not give you complete answers like other readings, but it can answer yes or no to your questions. You can ask a question and make sure that you are very detailed in what you are asking.

You might ask something like, “Will I fall in love by the end of the year 2024?” And this question can be answered and give you a time frame on finding love. Don’t be too general about what you asked and the more detailed that you ask the better your yes or no can be.

The question in any reading is important and you should always ask the right questions when you are getting a tarot card reading or using a pendulum.

How to Ask Questions About Love

Here are some ways that you can ask questions about love to your pendulum:


If you are using your pendulum for the first time, you need to hold this about an inch down the chain. Let your palm face upwards and then the pendulum will move back and forth. This will move depending on your energies.

Yes or No Questions

The next thing that you need to do is to ask a yes or no question or a true and false. You can choose. Start by asking one that you know the answer to so that you can see which way the pendulum is going to swing.

Be Positive

The pendulum will give you the right answer no matter what. You can ask it a question and it will tell you the truth. Ask the question that you want the answer to know and never doubt what the pendulum tells you. You need to let it express its answers the way that it wants to. Be open to what it tells you.

Best Questions to Ask

Here are some of the best questions to ask:

  • Will my ex be coming back to me at the end of the year?
  • Will I find love at the end of 2024?
  • Will I meet my soulmate in 2023?
  • Will I find a new love?

Is My Pendulum Telling the Truth?

You will know that your pendulum is telling the truth because it is an instrument, and it can move consciously or unconsciously. You might ask the pendulum to move a certain way, or you might ask it to give you a yes or no answer.

You are using your conscious mind to control the pendulum as you give it orders. The movement of the pendulum will not give you an answer whether it is being honest or not. If you ask your pendulum if you are going to win the lottery and it gives you a neutral answer, you will not be pleased with this because you will want a yes answer.

Once you ask a question and you learn to detach yourself from the answer, this will be the time that the pendulum will be the most realistic for you. You have to ask the right questions and you have to be able to adapt your questions to your answers.

You can also draw a diagram and ask your pendulum to swing towards the answers. This allows you to put the pendulum in the center and let it swing until it hits the answer.

Who Can Use Pendulums?

Anyone who wants to can use a pendulum and if you are an empath, this is even better. You will need to have patience to learn how to use it and how to get answers that you are seeking. Be patient with yourself and with your tools and let them give you the answers that you need.