Using Cartomancy and Pendulum Tools

Cartomancy and Pendulum Tools

Each psychic uses different kinds of tools of divination and many of them like to use new tools in order to try new things and to grow. Many psychics have developed their own psychic reading methods and they will use different tools such as tarot cards and pendulums or oracle cards and crystals.

In this article, we are talking about using cartomancy and pendulums. Pendulums are tools of divination that have a weighted object that hangs on a string or a chain. This can be used for dowsing, or it is something that can be used for looking into the spiritual world. Most of the time, a psychic will hang a crystal or a coin at the bottom of the string for it to do its magic.

Pendulums are not the same. They come in different sizes and shapes and many psychics even make their own pendulums. Some people will use their pendulum in different ways including asking questions or some will use a question-and-answer chart to get their answers. Some psychics will buy a chart while others will create their own.

When you think about using tarot cards the same time that you use a pendulum, what do you think? This can be hard for some psychics to do but those that have been doing psychic readings for a while will do this so that they can be stronger in their gifts.

Some psychics will use regular cards instead of tarot cards to do their readings and it just depends on what kind of connections they have with these tools as to what they can do with them.

Maybe you are someone that likes to give readings to family or friends or maybe you do it for a living. Regardless of what kind of readings you do, you can figure out what kind of energy you have with the cards and with the pendulum and then go from there. Psychics are able to feel different things when they use their tools, and this can be heat or it can be something else that draws them in.

Most of the time, a person will get a more accurate result with cartomancy when they use two tools at once and this is why a pendulum can be very useful. Some people will let the pendulum swing over the cards while they get their answers.


You might choose a 3, 5 or even a larger card spread. This is totally up to you. As you start your reading, make sure that you are meditating over the cards. Go slow over them and let the energy flow through you into the cards. You can go over the whole deck of cards, including your spread, and see what you feel that the cards are telling you.

Ask your questions and see what cards show up for you. When you are giving your client a reading, you can ask them to hold on to a card or even to some other item and you can try to feel the energy around that person.

Phone Readings

If you are someone that does strictly phone readings, you can do different spreads and try different kinds of tools in your readings. This can help you to know if the pendulum is more accurate with the cards than just using your own hands.

Final Thoughts

Using cards and a pendulum when you are doing reading aren’t the only two options that are going to be there for you. You can look into your heart and listen to your intuition to decide which tools that you are going to use.

There are different signs and symbols that will come around you and these things will help you to be able to get the messages that you need for your reading. Pay attention to yourself and your inner being and the spiritual world around you.