Pendulum Use: What Not to Ask


The use of a pendulum is gaining popularity. Pendulums are a great tool to help you answer questions and there are many questions a pendulum can answer, but some are not appropriate for answers using a pendulum. The questions that should not be asked are shared and explained below. If you ask the wrong questions then you could be opening yourself up to biased responses, unethical practices, and even harmful energies, all of which should be avoided. There are really only three main topics to avoid asking your pendulum, though there some exceptions to the rules. To put it simply, avoid questions about other people, potential health issues, and the future.

Asking About Others

If you do not have someone else’s permission, asking about others is unethical. However, if you have permission this is fine. One example is that if you want to buy a tarot deck or some other tool, but know your own emotional connection will alter the pendulum, then ask a friend to use their pendulum for the question. Permission has been given, so this Is fine to do. Another exception is asking about messaging or meeting someone because it is about you.

You should never ask your pendulum about others without permission because this is just bad form. Asking something like, “Does ___________ really love me?” is unethical and you could face a loss of connection with your pendulum and spiritual ramifications. It is better just to ask the person for permission to use the pendulum. The pendulum that is used for this may just provide the answers you want or the opposite because you are too invested and cannot receive an unbiased answer.

Asking About Health

Asking about your health is about as accurate as asking Google for health advice. You will not likely be in a state to receive an unbiased answer, so go to a medical professional for a diagnosis. This is true for all tools, tarot, pendulums, and divination tools. The only exception would be to ask about something like food sensitivity, but not allergies. This is safe because you can do an at home test with an elimination diet with possible adverse, but not life threatening reactions.

Asking About the Future

It is not recommended that you ask for specific details about the future because life is always changing. Open ended questions are also confusing because just because you get an answer does not mean it is accurate. That said, you can do things like plan a trip using your pendulum if you offer concrete ideas. Ask questions like Is it optimal for me to go to _____________ on these dates? The specificity makes it a better and more unbiased reading. Even when asking properly about future events, ask your pendulum for permission to ask about the future first.

It is pretty simple, avoid these three areas and stay connected to your pendulum.