Nine Ways to Improve Your Clairvoyance

Nine Ways to Improve Your Clairvoyance

Clairvoyance is the gift of psychic sight.  This skill harnesses your inner wisdom and connects it with Divine knowledge.  You also link into the network of all the souls in the universe, those alive, crossed over and awaiting manifestation.  You can strengthen your clairvoyance through easy daily exercises.  Just as with any skill, you will improve with time, commitment and patience.  Be gentle on yourself as you develop your skills, you might not see the progress you dream of right away, but with persistence and hard work you will become a skilled seer.

  1. Acknowledge and purge your resistance to clairvoyance

The idea of clairvoyance can seem scary at first.  Take a breath, you may have already seen psychic sight manifest in your life, without realizing what it was.  You may have even perhaps blocked it out of fear.  In order to embrace your skills in clairvoyance, you must begin by unblocking yourself and release any fear you may have surrounding this wonderous blessing.

Locate a private and quiet space to focus on your breathing and pinpointing the root of your resistance or fears.  People may have told you that psychic abilities are a sign of mental instability.  They are not when wielded properly.  You also could be concerned of people’s perceptions of you if they were to learn of your gift.  Focus on yourself and not others!  After you understand what is causing you these fears, create a positive affirmation like: “I’m ready to embrace my psychic sight and all its lessons.”  Repeat this affirmation at least once a day.

  1. Activate your Third Eye

After assuaging your fears, you should tur your focus to your third eye.  Located between and just above your eyebrows, this chakra governs images, symbols and visions.  Sit comfortable in a private and quiet space.  Draw your attention to the space between your eyebrows and go a bit higher.  Picture this area as a horizontal oval shape, this is your third eye.  Can you visualize it being open or closed?  If it’s closed ask it to open or what it needs to open.  Work by using your intuition until it begins to open.  As it opens you may experience a flood of love and warm coursing through your body as you begin to reconnect to a part of you that was blocked.  It’s also okay if you struggle to see your third eye on the first attempt, you will get there with time.

  1. Cultivate visual wisdom

When your third eye opens, you may notice new visualizations like glittering lights, or floating objects.  These visualizations can come in an array of forms: black and white or full spectrum color, still or in motion.  At first your clairvoyant messages may be very subdued or fuzzy.  This signals a need to strengthen your visual library before using your skills to convey messages to key questions.  Begin a practice of asking images to become brighter, larger or clearer, do so with a strong will and pure intention. You may also try the following exercise:

Picture yourself standing near a moving river holding five flowers, each of a different color. See yourself bending down and releasing a flower into the rushing river.  Wait it float downstream until it fully disappears.  Then release the next flowers, and repeat the process until you are out of flowers.  Practice this exercise until you clearly envision each flower complete its journey.

  1. Use Clairvoyance as a divination tool

When you feel ready you can use clairvoyance to answer pressing questions that address specific matters.  Instead of asking “What does my next job entail?” think about your goals in life and what you hope to achieve, phrasing a question like “Will I become a famous poet in 10 years?”  Focus on asking specially formulate questions about aspect you specifically want to address rather than posing general queries.

  1. Interpret Clairvoyant visions

Now you are able to receive clairvoyant images, you must understand what they mean in order to analyze them properly.  If the images confound you, ask either silently or aloud for Spirit to clarify their meaning.  These divine-given answers will appear as feelings, thoughts or sounds.  At first, these answers may seem odd or fuzzy.  This is typical of the learning process, trust yourself and the spirit realm, and repeat your question.  They will help clarify the answer in a way that better resonates for you.

  1. Keep the faith

This is essential in building your clairvoyant gifts.  Trust and believe in what you see and hear!  Discrediting your power will only block you again and impede you from achieving your psychic potential.

  1. Journal your experiences

Writing down and reviewing your psychic journey will help you improve and better process your psychic abilities.  You will also see how reliable your readings are and any valuable impact they provide.  You will also learn more insight into your keenest psychic and intuitive talents.

  1. Meet other psychics

Having friends with psychic talents can help you freely discuss your experiences, learn from one another, see new perspectives and allow you to grow your talents.

  1. Meditate

Meditation helps us connect with higher energy vibrations and become more receptive for spiritual messages.  It will help your third eye to remain open and strengthen your ability to visualize and interpret information.  You can even set specific mediation goals to improve your clairvoyance!  Search out YouTube videos to help you open and exercise your third eye.  It is normal to notice slight tingling in your third eye during these practices and signals this chakra is open and working to process images clairvoyantly.

Harnessing your clairvoyance

It can be unnerving to see clairvoyant images such as flashes of light, at first, and that is perfectly normal!  This is especially true if you are alone and don’t understand how to process what you are seeing.  Work to learn and master your gift of clairvoyance.  This blessing can provide valuable insight and guidance for yourself and others.  This skill is divinely giving and the spirits have your best self at heart.  Their guidance is also bestowed with love and compassion.  Rejoice as you develop your skills at this ability to spread joy, love, wisdom, and peace.  Make sure you have fun along your journey to spiritual empowerment.