How to Summon Spirits

How to Summon Spirits

Are you interested in the supernatural? If you are, chances are that you might have already tried to call on spirits at least a time in your life. If you don’t want to talk or bother the spirits but you are interested in what happens when people summon spirits, this article can be for you.

There are some ways that you can call on spirits on your own but make sure you know that there are some that will not want to leave.

Ouija Board

You can use the Ouija board to get spirits. This game has 26 letters and 0-9 numbers and the words yes, no and goodbye. There is a plastic heart on the board and when you line your fingers on the board the spirits are supposed to move the heart and give you answers. This is not a game and should be used with seriousness.


Using planchettes can help you to get messages from the spirits. This was initially used as a wooden board and would help people that wanted to talk to spirits.


Some people use rituals to talk to demons. This can be a circle that allows you to summon spirits. Be careful if you don’t want to summon demons.

Crystal Ball

The medium can talk to spirits and hear words from the spirits and many of them do use a crystal ball to speak to them. You might see an image or a message when you call on them.


Look in mirrors and light some candles and when there is a lot of wax, put it on the mirror. Put salt around the mirror and yourself and be quiet. Take a knife and cut the wax and put some blood on the mirror and ask the witches or the spirits to come to you.

Speak with Candles

You can light a candle and focus on who you want to talk to. Write yes and no on the paper and put a pentagram on it. Let the candle melt and then ask the spirits to come. Once the flame goes out see what you experienced.


You can think of your dead friend or relative and ask them to reveal themselves to you.


A female demon can come and have sex with you when you are sleeping. You can prick your finger and ask your succubus to come to you.

Vampire or Werewolf

Use paper, pencil, lavender, and salt and draw a circle on the paper and put an X through it. Put some salt on the circle and burn some lavender and ask the vampire or werewolf to come to you.  Let it come to you.

Good Luck Spirit

Close your eyes and have an open mind and ask your luck to come to you. This can take a spell and can happen after midnight and last for a long time.


Put water on the stove and boil it and ask it to bring a storm. Say, “water boil, not just here but everywhere.” Watch for a storm to come.

Grim Reaper

Put out 20 different candles and light them. Ask the Grim Reaper to come and be your friend.


Light a white candle at midnight and ask the creatures to come where you are. See if you hear bells ringing.

Bloody Mary

Light two red candles and ask Bloody Mary to come and take a drink and see if she tells you the future.


Call out to the fairies in your yard. Cut out footprints from paper and sprinkle sugar on them. Put a paper bag down and put it in a circle. Ask the folks with wings to come to you and listen for feet walking.

Haunted Spell

If you want to see spirits for more than one day you can take five candles that are green and light them and then burn rose bushes in them. Prick your thumb and let blood go into the candle. Ask to see spirits that will not scare you. Put the candles out with lemon juice.


Go outside when the moon is full and ask the universe to send you something scary. Say it ten times and wait for them to come.

Lost Sister

If you are missing your sister, ask the universe to bring her to you. Say, “blood, I ask you to return to me.”

Family of Witches

Put out a pentagram and put salt with candles on the five stars. Ask the witches to come to you and to help you and see if magic comes.