How to Improve Your Root Chakra

How to Improve Your Root Chakra

The root chakra is the utmost base of the seven chakras.  These energy center reside in your body and influence your overall wellbeing.  The root chakra (“Muladhara”), or foundation, governs your primal instinct and sense of connectiveness to society.  Through meditate focused on this area you can be empowers and maintain balance within yourself and the universal community, and provide you a sense of inner peach.

Represented by the color red, envision how this chakra is housed in your tailbone.  Notice what this ball of warm light tells you about you sense of survival, physical needs, ability to trust and relationship to both nature and the universe.  Notice how your sense of stability, safety and security feel in your tailbone’s connection with the hips, lower back and even feet.

The following are some colorations to Muladhara:

  • The musical note “C”
  • The elephant
  • Saturn
  • The astrological signs Capricorn and Aquarius.

A blockage in this chakra causes a person to feel nervous and anxious.  You might also feel fearful, scared or lost.  Physical and mental manifestations include panic attacks and negative speaking toward oneself or others.

Thankfully, you can reopen any chakras, including Muladhara and realigned them via mediation.  Begin by slowly stretching your hips, lower back and legs.  Ease yourself into a cross-legged position and focus on calming music or sounds.  You might also have chosen to include dim or candle light and some red toned crystals like red jasper, red agate, garnet, or ruby.

Extend your spine into an upright position, which facilitates an unimpeded energy flow from your Root to Crown chakras.  Breathe deeply for a few minutes until you feel a deep sense of relaxation.  Envision yourself a stately tree with roots that burrow deep into the heart of the earth.  You might also picture yourself as a majestic mountain with a firm, and established base.

After a few more breaths, ask yourself questions like: What do I most need to know in this moment, How do I envision my life, What does it mean to live with more kindness, wellness, or achievements, What do I need to bring more opportunity into my life.” Ask these questions without expecting an immediate answer.  The answer will form within you at the right time.

Now, notice three glowing, clear paths ahead.  Enjoy the warmth that invites you forward.  Pay attention the scenery around you and how it might differ on each of the paths.  Listen as the birds sing sweet melodies nearby.  Glance to the left path, this guides you to a healthy, strong and balanced body.  Shift attention to the middle path, this beckons you to a mind filled with positivity, ease and goodness.  Now, pay attention the right path, this calls your soul to true joy, love and fulfillment.  Finally notice where the paths again converge into one golden resplendent path.  Embrace the sensation of becoming perfectly balanced within yourself.  As you walk this golden path forward, welcome the sensations of love, healing and grounding being gifted to you by the Earth and Universe.  Let it rise up from you base, into your stomach, into your throat, and finally out the crown of your head.  Feel the love the Universe and see yourself and your true purpose for all its wonderous glory.

End this mediation by gradually bringing your awareness back to the present.  As you begin to let your eye flutter open, notice the peace and balance that exists within and around you.  Pay attention to your shift in feelings of connection and security.  As you leave the mediation space.  Claim this vision of wholeness for yourself.  If you need to quickly rebalance yourself use affirmations or mantras such as the following examples: I am safe, stable, and secure. I am deeply fulfilled. I am supported by the Universe in all things. I feel grounded, serene, loved, and happy. The Universe provides for me. All my needs are met. I am at peace.