When you are able to take someone’s body over so that you can communicate with them, this is called channeling. Channeling is something that has been done for years and years by shaman and doctors who hear voices and are able to work with the spirit guides so that they can take journeys through life. This is sometimes called a medium and is part of the psychic giftings that some have.

When you channel with a spirit it means that you are able to reach a higher realm than others are. This is a time where you will love someone and care enough for them that you will allow your mind to go into a different space so that you can speak with someone’s passed loved one or friend.

In order to reach this conscious level, you have to learn to be free of the influences of the world and allow yourself the chances to care about the spiritual world and to want to communicate with it.

Most people that go to a channel or a medium are looking for guidance or they want to communicate with someone that they loved that has passed away. They look for higher truths and they want to be able to know what the spirits are telling them.

Is it Real?

Even though there is no scientific evidence that information to a psychic comes from a spiritual world, there are so man people that have been able to share their experiences that this gives it some form of credibility. There are some that get knowledge from the universe and some that have studied the ideas of this over time and cultures.

Since there is no real way to find out if the information is real, there is no way to confirm that it is truly accurate but does it have to be right on in order for it to be real?  If psychics continue to be able to speak to people and give information from the spirit worlds to families that are hurting, chances are that they will continue to be important.

Some psychics are even known to help solve murders and to find missing people and many believe in this and even call it a science.


Channelers or mediums are able to get information from what seems nowhere. They use their giftings in order to speak to spirits and to get information that people on earth cannot get. A medium will clear his or her mind and might see symbols or images that help them to get more or new information. Another thing that can happen is someone can just have a song or a theme pop into their mind or they might even dream of different things.

Some mediums have been found to be frauds and have wanted to only take people for their money and this is why so many people have a hard time believing in psychic giftings. Remember, it only takes one bad apple to ruin the bunch.


Going to a psychic or a medium is done by choice. If you choose to do this, you must go with an open mind and you must put all of your past ideas or stereotypes behind you.

Many people believe strongly in psychics or mediums and many have claims of being able to move on or move forward in their lives after talking to a psychic and seeking their advice. You will only ever know if it is real or not by giving it a try.