Activating the First Chakra

Activating the First Chakra

If you are feeling burnt out, stuck, or scattered, then chances are that your root chakra Is out of balance and in need of a tune-up or a refresher. To learn how to do this, keep reading, we can help.

The root chakra is located at the base of the spine. It is known by several names including, Muladhara, base chakra, and root chakra. This chakra is believed to govern the feet, legs, muscles, and joints, but is also responsible for your security, survival, and sense of self-belonging. When this chakra is working properly, you can do the following:

  • Rejoice in life even when it brings challenges and expansion
  • You deal with ease in a way that brings trust and all you need
  • Can easily care for your basic needs of shelter, security, food, and water
  • Feel connected
  • Feel grounded
  • Feel energized

This all sounds amazing, but if you are not quite there yet, we can help. Try the practices shared below to enhance and/or activate your root chakra.

Show Your Feet Love

Your feet are both the physical and metaphysical foundation. Show your feet some love through yoga. As you move slowly and mindfully, create a solid foundation by pressing down on the body parts touching the ground. Focus on body alignment and the sensations happening in your muscles and joints. Work on balance and stability with each pose.

Connect with the Earth

In a practice called earthing, you can activate the root chakra. Do this by going to a park or beach and standing barefoot. With your eyes closed, or open if preferred, bring awareness to the surface that you feel. Notice the temperature and texture as you stand and spread your toes. Ground down through the four corners of the feet and distribute your weight evenly. Imagine roots going from your soles and deep into the earth, anchoring you. Stand still until you feel the need to move, then wait a few seconds longer for real grounding.

Move Your Body

Get moving in some way. Find something you love like dancing, swimming, or running to get focused on your physical body. Physical activity releases irritability, anger, and fear. If possible, be active outdoors.

Meditate on a Mountain

Before you grab your climbing gear, know this is a metaphorical mountain. Meditate by resting the backs of your hands on each knee and bringing the thumb and ring finger together to create prithivi mudra. This stimulates the earth element while enhancing stability, balance, and security.

Enjoy Mother Nature

Essential oils are a gift from Mother Nature. Choose oils from trees or roots to stimulate the first chakra. Scents such as sandalwood, cedarwood, and vetiver are great options. Try to incorporate root vegetables, red fruits, nuts, and beans as often as possible in your diet.

Get started on reconnecting and clearing your root chakra right away. You will soon feel better.