When Things Go Wrong


When Things Go WrongHave you ever gotten a wrong answer?  What did you do about it?  Did you think about getting annoyed and moving on but your negative reaction made you less likely to pick up a pendulum later?

Getting a wrong dowsing answer is one of the problems that dowsers face but most of them don’t have a useful strategy to deal with it when it happens.  Instead, they turn the wrong into right.  Most dowsers have had little or even no training and they haven’t went to conferences or workshops to give them help.

Most dowsing don’t have a second thought, they just pick up a pendulum and try.

This article isn’t being critical, it is just that there aren’t a lot of opportunities for people that are dowsers to have good training.  There are some good books on it but reading is not very popular and the only recent good thing is the internet has become a better source for information.

What can you do?  Take advantage of the articles online so that they can help you get reasons for wrong dowsing answers.  You also can do something everyday that will help you to practice and become more accurate on your dowsing skills.  This is to confirm your results.

When you dowse about something, figure out if you are right or not.  If you were, give yourself a pat on the back, but if not, figure out why.

Avoiding Wrong Answers

Here are some important points, you cannot know if you were right if you only dowse about things you can’t confirm.  See if any of this describes you:

  • Your dowsing question was short.
  • Your dowsing question was vague.
  • You were in proper dowsing state.
  • You were emotionally attached to the answer.
  • You took time to create a dowsing question.
  • You defined your terms.

Another ideas is to find out how your answer was and if it was accurate.  Sometimes, you can get the right answer but you don’t give a timeline for when things will happen.  You need to examine the question and make sure that you have all the parts covered.  Even if your dowsing is accurate but the information is not useful then it won’t help you because it could be for a wrong time.  A wrong answer can be right but only if you can figure it out.