The Past Danger of Rune Healing


danger runes 1The Age of Aquarius has given us another worldview to work with. This paradigm is the Laws of Quantum Physics. Essentially expressed, these laws let us know that all is vitality. The past, present and future exist in a vast sea of intuition vitality called the Quantum Ocean in the Mind of God.

Therefore every rune healing, rune magical ritual and runic Shaman still exists in the Quantum Ocean. The danger to you, the 21stcentury rune master or rune novice, is that when performing a runic healing or a runic ritual there is a lot of baggage attached to it.

Therefore since we are in a new age and have a new paradigm it behooves us to use it. Bring the runes out of the Viking Age where the dangers be and into the sunlight of a new age free of baggage.

Simply stated when you do your runic healing and your runic magic don’t mentally go back to the past where the dangers lie. Bring the runes into the now and create runic healing’s and runic magic anew.

Let me show some of the rune healing dangers waiting for you in the past.

“And all along their way she taught him the runes, upon her white hand.” Freya teaching Odin.

Runes have been used for war, for love, for prosperity and for healing etc.

Egil Skalogimissn used the runes as a form of black magic. He lusted after a young girl and promised to heal her by carving the runes on a whale bone. What he really wanted to do was to seduce her. She became seriously ill.

danger runes 3

Egil Saga Poem:

“Those who carve without knowledge should not write the runes. Great misfortune will follow when the secrets are misused.

I have see ten letters carved

out of a bent bone

They brought on the pain

that tortured the girl.”

Whenever you carve runes for someone they must know about It and agree with it.

In the Saga of Bosi and Hernand is a striking example of runes used for black magic.

“ I wish you paindanger runes 2

in your breast

That venomous vipers

gnaw your heart,

that your ears

are deafened forever,

and your eyes

point forever outward.”

Runes were also used to “heal” or control the weather, but at a price.

“The King Vikar Saga” The King’s dragon ship came against extraordinary high winds and they stayed near small islands for a long time. Then they threw “rune sticks” into the ocean in order to diminish the winds. The result was that Odin demanded that a man from the company be chosen by a draw and be hung as a sacrifice.”

Runes serve as a mediation between humans and gods. What is the price?

So learn how to use the runes using the new paradigm of the Laws of Quantum Physics and by pass the dangers of the past.