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Opening Your Third Eye

Opening Your Third EyeOpening your third eye will bring you new experiences and insight that you have never seen before.  It will allow you to connect to your inner being.

When your third eye is blocked, it can cause you to lack creativity and to be negative.  It can bring on depression and sickness.

If you want to connect to your inner self, you have to learn to open your third eye.


When people have extrasensory powers, they think of psychics and other mediums.  This is not the same thing, and this means having a gift to get information beyond what your body can tell you.

The body is a vessel for the spirit to live in and the spirit and body can interpret different messages from the physical and spiritual realm.

Extrasensory gifts are gifts that allow you to tune into your soul and to figure out different things that your body cannot tell you.  Some of the gifts are clariaudience, clairsentience, clairvoyance and more.

When you are getting a new gift, you have to understand how to connect.

Opening Your Third Eye

All people are born with gifts but most of the time, people are born with their third eye closed.  When we are children, we learn to follow society standards and it causes our third eye to stay closed.  Most people are taught to conform to rules and to act a certain way.

When you have a hard time seeing clearly or are confused, you are weighed down by society and what society tells you.


People are scared about opening up a new dimension and keeping the third eye closed can make people feel safer.  But if you want to open your third eye, here are ways you can do it.

Comfort Zone

Get out of your comfort zone and don’t be close minded.


Eat healthy and stop eating processed and fried foods.  Stay away from sugars and eat more fruits and vegetables.

Whole Foods

Eat whole foods and grains.  Eat nuts, whole grains, veggies, fruits, and stay away from animal fats and meats.  These can affect your hormone levels.


Herbs are good to eat and you need to eat and drink herbs like rosemary, gotu kola, passionflower and more.


Let your mind wonder in your meditation and stop trying to control your mind all the time.  Let your mind and body become one and give yourself space.

Be Mindful

One problem with opening the Third Eye is overthinking.  Don’t overthink things and let your soul and your body work together.


Avoid things like fluoride toothpaste and mouthwash.  This can cause your pineal gland to be stopped up and calcified.  This can cause you not to be able to open the frontal lobe.


Antioxidants are foods that can help your body to be strong and fight off infection.  Eat blueberries, goju berries and other super foods that make your body strong.


Examine what you really believe and stop restricting your mind.  Don’t have a closed mind and allow yourself to be open to new things.


Drink a lot of water and keep hydrated.  Exercise is also important.  Keep your mind and your body healthy.


Keep a record of what you are feeling and what you are seeing.  Write down everything and do this each day.


Hum or use the word om to change.  This can create vibrations that the universe can hear.


Let your body be balanced by doing yoga exercises.


Scrying is a way to develop your inner mind.

Sound Healing

Sound healing can help you by listening to singing, chimes, instruments and anything that energizes you.

Think About Your Third Eye

Think about your third eye opening.  Relax and imagine it opening and do this every day for a few minutes each day.

Cognitive Mind

Explore your mind and see if you have anything that is out of the way for you.  Journal your beliefs and see if they match up with your third eye.


Neuro-linguistic programing can help you to believe more.


Your third eye will open easier when you are connected to yourself.


Use crystals such as kyanite and labradorite to meditate with and visualize your third eye.

Speak Positively

Speak positively and change the way that you think.  Trust yourself and your mind and your intuition.

When it Opens

When your third eye opens, you might see things that are different.  You might get migraines because your third eye is adjusting to the world.

You may see visions or have different issues.  Things might seem clearer and you will feel more connected to the world.  There could be other symptoms, but these are the most common ones.


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