Learn the 11 Signs of a Spiritual Awakening

Learn the 11 Signs of a Spiritual Awakening

Everything that has happened in recent years is leading people to discover their spiritual path. For some, this is a steady process of growth. For others, it is an awakening that completely changes their direction. Either way, the deepening of a spiritual connection creates a huge shift in one’s life.

The Downside

Spiritual awakenings are not always pretty. Many times, they are the result of a tragic or stressful series of events in one’s life. It can also involve uncovering past negative emotions or pain. These must be uncovered and dealt with to heal properly but the process is painful.

There could be some people who are beginning to enter a spiritual awakening and not even realize it. The Bible says the Holy Spirit calls people and sometimes He has to have some repeated calls before the person answers at all. It could be that way with other forms of spiritual calls as well. Sometimes, we just aren’t paying attention.

11 Signs of Awakening

  1. You have new beliefs.

How has your belief system changed over the past 15 years? If it has grown or explored a variety of ideas, you are headed for an awakening.

  1. You’re at peace with simple living.

You no longer concentrate on acquiring stuff but find living in peace with less responsibility is a good thing. You are parring down your stuff, getting rid of a lot of useless things, and enjoying a lifted burden. You will feel a lightness that will encourage you to get down to the basics.

  1. You want a career change.

Your old career just isn’t as fulfilling as it used to be. You feel you need to do something that can make more of a difference in the world or at least make you happier. This is where you must overcome resistance and take a leap of faith. You may not get all the details upfront, but you know where you are supposed to be.

  1. Personal development draws you.

You crave books, podcasts, and television shows that help you become all you can be. You seek out this type of knowledge regularly. You also feel the need to be inspired and love to read or watch stories of others who have reached their dreams. Art and culture mean more to you also as it is a source of inspiration.

  1. Love of nature deepens.

Everyone is drawn to nature on some level. It is part of our inner being and being in it helps us to get away from the noise of life and connect with something more than ourselves, be it God, Creator, the Universe, or higher power. Nature can speak to us if we listen and this relationship is something someone in a spiritual awakening can build.

  1. Your sleep patterns change.

Those who have trouble falling asleep could be starting a spiritual awakening. All your inner energy, thoughts, and questions are churning and that is keeping you awake. Other people who are more mature in their spirituality know how to turn it off. It could be that you have trouble falling asleep or wake up too early, at 3 a.m. or 4 a.m., and can’t get back to sleep. This is a natural process so don’t worry about it. The best option is to get up and do whatever you feel called to do, write in a journal, paint, or play music. Another good option is to put on some spiritual readings or music on your phone or stereo that lulls you back to sleep. Affirmations, Scripture readings, or stories work well and there are plenty of phone apps to choose from that will play for hours.

  1. You talk to yourself or God more.

This may seem like odd behavior because we associate talking to ourselves or someone else not physically present as a bit crazy. It isn’t. Everyone does a little self-talk sometimes, either to reassure themselves, hear their thoughts with more clarity, or to help them organize their actions. Many people feel talking out loud to God activates their prayers more than silently praying. The Book of James in the Bible talks about speaking life and manifesting through speaking, so there is something to the idea of activating things by speaking.

People do this more when experiencing a spiritual awakening. That’s because you are developing a new level of communication inside you and feel more connected to divine energy. As you become more insightful, be sure to write or record your thoughts to review later.

  1. You discovering synchronicity.

You began to see that everything in your life intersects with everything else as if it was meant to be. That’s because it was! You began to discover that everything that has happened, even the bad stuff, had a purpose in developing your personality and character into what it is today. That is important because it is what you need to continue your path.

You may also experience odd synchronic patters like repeating numbers or repeated phrases. It may take a bit of research to discover what these messages mean and how they are directing you, but the fact that you are noticing them shows you are developing more spiritual awareness.

  1. There is more oneness.

As you go through a spiritual awakening, you start sensing connections with others more easily. You feel like you belong in every place you go to and no longer feel isolated but a part of everything. This type of connectedness is the beginning of an intense spiritual relationship that results in deep knowledge. Everything becomes meaningful to us because nothing is random.

  1. You care for your body more.

A spiritual awakening makes you realize your body is truly a temple because it houses your spirit. That makes you want to care for it better, so you began to eat more nutritiously, exercise more, and do other things to take better care of your body. You won’t have to think much about these changes because you are naturally drawn to it as part of your spiritual awakening.

  1. You experience deep emotion or even sadness.

This may seem at odds with a spiritual awakening but it truly isn’t. You are tapping into all your feelings and some of those are bound to be deep expressions of sadness. There may be a logical reason for them or there may be no reason at all. Some who are on intense spiritual journeys feel sadness for the evil in the world, for those who don’t know love or other burdens. It’s okay. Release these feelings and ask to be a light giver in the dark areas of life. Your will be filled with more joy and love afterward.

These 11 signs are a way for you to take an assessment of where you are on your spiritual journey. Whether you are experiencing some or all of them, continuing pressing forward to the high calling. You will be more fulfilled as you do.