Develop Your Psychic Abilities Today

Develop Your Psychic Abilities Today

The word “psychic” has roots to a Greek term referring to the mind, soul, and spirit.  This makes sense as psychics are skilled in processing how one’s mental, emotional, and spiritual attributes work together to help us see otherwise hidden wisdom.  According to the ancient yoga practice of “siddhis” our supernatural talents must be hone with hard work, dedicated, regular use and the most benevolent of intentions.  During any practice one must stay focused on connecting with the Divine and place their ego in check.  If you want help in focusing your mind and senses, we have listed some practical tips below.

Use mantras

The word “mantra” stems from “mind” and “tra” (instrument).  Therefore, the act of repeatedly chanting and vibrating the seed sounds of universal energies align our consciousness to harness the fully potential of that frequency and enable us to pass through to a different dimension.  Reciting sacred mantras for the purpose of strengthening your connection to the Divine and fostering joy, peace, love, health, and happiness throughout humanity will ultimately produce supernatural skills.  Below you find seed sounds to chant to help you release blockages and open yourself up to new possibilities.

  • LAM works on the root chakra and can improve issues dealing with home, family, career, finances, and destiny.
  • VAM resonates the sacral chakra and is beneficial to chant when you are struggling with creativity, fertility, abundance, and personal growth.
  • RAM chants rebalance your solar plexus chakra and helps you overcome feeling stuck and lethargic.
  • YAM mantras optimize your heart chakra, so chant this when you want to increase love, joy, beauty, empathy, and growth as well as promote health relationships.
  • HAM chants help to open your throat chakra. Use this mantra when you need to improve communication in your personal, professional, and communal life.
  • OM is probably the best-known mantra and works on both the 6th and 7th chakras helping any person feel more connected to the Divine, their intuition, and Universal wisdom.

Mindful gazing for clairvoyance

Find a dark and quiet room where you can sit comfortably while feeling connected to the earth.  Place the High Priestess card from your favorite tart deck and a candle a few feet in front of you with the picture and flame at eye level.  Relax and bring awareness to your breath.  Soften your gaze and focus on the High Priestess who represents untapped psychic gifts.  Try not to blink while you stare at the candle lit image for as long as possible.  Finally close your eyes, but turn your gaze inward.  Visualize the flame and card in your third eye or “aina chakra” which governs intuition and psychic skills.

Belly breaths

Find a quiet space you can sit erect in a comfortable seated position.  Inhale gently and passively through you nose filling up and softening your belly, then snap your belly back with powerful exhale through your nose.  Repeat the cycle for 50 breaths in a pumping motion with an active exhalation and passive inhalation.  Train your gaze to a single point during the practice and try not to move any other part of your body.  Once the final round of pumping breath, inhale through your nose and exhale out of your mouth.  Notice the tingling sensation and any heat generated within your body, but especially your skull.  Close your eyes and see beyond the physical world into the spirit realm.

Detox with green juices for clairsentience

To grow your abilities in clairsentience then you must strengthen your abilities in care, empathy, and joviality.  To maximize the chances of the success, try detoxing as means of cleansing your spirit.  This includes removing harmful or violent foods and practicing “ahimsa,” the act of not harming any sentient being and causing the least pain or injury to any living being such as animals, the planet, or ourselves.  This will help you tune into the web of existence and gain supernatural talents to communicate telepathically with other beings, vegetation, minerals, spirits, and celestial beings.