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Channeling Anger

Channeling Anger

When you respond in anger you put yourself in a situation that becomes undesirable. You might have strong feelings, but you can change the way that you react to these feelings of anger and do the right thing.

Maybe you get angrier now than ever before from things such as the election, the pandemic or maybe even murder has gotten you down.

When you express your feelings on Facebook, you might realize that you have news reports available to you that others believe are reliable and so you might message people and talk to them about what you feel. When you view things in anger though, this is not part of your spiritual life and you need to learn to respond with love and respect.

Being in the world and getting angry about things such as politics is not really unspiritual, it is something that everyone experiences and sometimes anger comes without judgement and is justified.

The problem is not being angry, the problem is how you respond to your anger. What do you do when you are angry and how do you vent? Do you lash out or explode on others and show aggression? When you do, this is the unspiritual part of being angry. When you argue and you are full of rage and this causes you to make undesirable decisions, it can be a game changer.

When you learn to control you anger and to not have an action of rage or anger, you can do that without losing yourself. Anger is part of what you are feeling and the way you react to anger can cause you to have to face consequences. The actions that you take can cause hatred and can cause you to no longer be innocent but to have deep rooted feelings.

Anger can cause you to feel intense and to have a violent temper or to show yourself with tantrums. If you hide your anger and deny your anger, then you are not going to be able to have positive change because you are not handling it.

Having out of control rage is morally wrong but if you can learn to control your emotions and your anger then you will have clear thoughts and your motives will be full of love, compassion, and care for others.

History of Anger

Anger changes your energy and it causes you to go from slow to fast in seconds. You have to be able to recognize this and learn to calm yourself. You can meditate or breathe, and you can learn to neutralize your anger so that you can calm down and talk about what you are feeling without taking actions.

Everyone has peace inside of them but when anger comes, we seem to separate our anger from who we are and when we can learn to experience in a moment and identify what it makes us do, we can learn to control both our mind and body.

We can take our anger and act in a moral way. We can look at how we feel, make a plan, and voice our steps before we take action. When we learn to remind ourselves that we have feelings but that others have feelings as well, we can learn to center ourselves before our anger gets out of control. No one wants to be angry and to react to anger in a negative way.

Anger is an emotion that we all must face at some time or another but if we learn to handle our anger with care and compassion, we can continue on our religious road without messing up and without having to seek solitude for our actions.

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