Bright Light Attraction

Bright Light Attraction

Developing your psychic abilities is important and when you first start doing this, chances are that you will have a bright light that surrounds you.

This does not hurt anyone, and this is protection that you have surrounding you.  The light is there to guide you and to help you to have joy, peace, love and happiness.

When you attract spirit or people that try to get your energies, it can cause you to have pain and problems.  You have to make sure that you have high vibrations so that you are not touchable by these things.

No matter how loving and kind you are, experiences can happen to you that are not good.  There is nothing that you are doing wrong, having a bright light means that you are attracting things that are both good and bad.

Like Attraction

Sometimes strong energies attract weak energies and sometimes it is vice versa.  If you are sensitive or an intuitive, you might find that you attract sadness and pain.  You might have spirits that are surrounding you that cause you problems and this doesn’t mean that you are doing things wrong, just think of yourself as a giant light on a dark street corner.

As any other light, you will be seen all around and light attracts things such as joy, peace and love, but it also attracts spirits and negative energies.  When you are glowing, everyone can see you and everyone needs some sort of light.  You draw people in.

A spiritual being allows you to be like a streetlight.  People will admire how beautiful you are and will be thankful for the light that you shine, but just like a dark street with a light, everyone else will see you to.

Light attracts anything and everything that needs a source, and this can be someone that is kind and compassionate and full of positive energies, but it also can be someone that is dark and that is an energy vampire.

Inner Light

If you are someone that has high vibrations and energies, you will find that you are a magnet for people that are full of energies, some will be kind and loving while others will be angry and full of shame.

Attracting Non-Like

If you find someone that is attracted to you that is taking way your peace and happiness, then you are not at fault for this.  You have done nothing wrong and you are not responsible for making sure that everyone has light.

The lighter that you see, the more you need them to see that they need light.  Even if you are getting someone else’s light, it is time for them to find their own connections.

You have given them the opportunity to find their own light by living off of your warmth and your strength.  You have benefited from your light and people need to benefit form their own light as well.

Releasing Others

There are things that you have to do to release others from your light.  Here are some ways:

Get Their Own

At some point in your life, others have to get their own light.  Yours will be too crowded and they will begin to drain your energies.  If you find that your life is becoming too complicated, shut down your life and your energies and tell the universe and others no.

You can say things such as, “I can’t listen to this right now,” or “we can talk about this later.”  When you do this, you are showing people that you love them but that you have to love yourself and they have to learn to grow on their own.  You cannot always be giving your light to others.

You might have to tell a friend that you don’t want to hear about their problems right now or tell a family member that they have to tell someone else about why they are angry.

Listen to the pain and others and you will get to the point where you are suffering from their problems.

Pick Your Crowd

You have to find the right people to be around you.  Maybe they don’t understand how you are and they don’t understand that you are giving and full of love.,  Maybe they have to learn their own skills and when you are constantly giving, you are making it to the place where you are not allowing them to have their own light.

You have to have a peaceful place in yourself and this is the only way other people can get peace form you.  Evaluate your time and energy and see if you are able to help anyone else.  Do this by asking yourself how tired you are and if others are respecting you and your space.

Sometimes when you are very compassionate, you risk taking care of yourself.  You have to have boundaries so that everyone is not taking over your energies.

Teach Others

One thing that you can do is that you can teach others how to have positive energies and bright light on their own.  If they need light, you can show them what they can do to find it.

This person that can teach them is you.  You can show them how they can understand their own light and how they can get their own power.  You can show them how to become full of light and strength.

When you have a person around you that is not light you, remember, you were once like them and you needed others to show you the way.

When you are around someone that is not like you, suggest to them the tools they need or a book to help them to get where you are.

Offer to help them to find a healer or suggest a way for them to release their emotions.  You don’t have to create a big plan for them, but you can lead them towards the light.