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Aura and Your Health

Aura and Your Health

Your aura is your energy field that surrounds each person like a bubble. It is made of natural energy and you most likely cannot see the aura with the naked eye.  The aura that you have will affect you in many ways.

Brain and Heart

It is thought by scientists that when a person is happy that they are having a stronger heartbeat. This creates a magnetic code that affects those around you. We are connected with other people in this world and who we are really does matter.

Internal Self

Your aura is something that extends around three feet past your body. If something bad happens to you, it can expand up to 20 feet and when this happens it will mix with other people’s auras. When your auric field goes through someone else’s aura, it can mix with yours.


Your emotions will rub off on other people because when you become part of their aura, it can cause you to feel stressed or anxious. Your energy can take over someone else’s energies.

Hiding Feelings

You are not able to hide your aura, even if you want to hide your feelings. You can be thankful for what you have and smile but if your conscious mind says something is wrong, your aura will show it.


The energy that you have is what your aura is. It is the real you and who you are. No matter how hard you try to hide this, you will not be able to.

Empaths are people that are really affected by other energies, more than most people, and they will feel their emotions. We all have this ability, but some people are more in tune with their giftings than others are. The truth is though, we can take on other people’s energies and we need to learn to keep the good feelings and get rid of the negative energies that we pick up.


When you are afraid of something, chances are you will have a yellow or orange aura. When you get rid of fear you will see that the color of your aura changes. You will always see it change based on what emotions that you have inside.

Immune System

Your aura can help you to change your immune system by bring positive vibes to your body. When you can let go of negative emotions, you will have better luck having a stronger body and mind.

Electron Cloud

Your aura is part of the gas discharge and it can show you where there are health problems in people. Your aura does this as well. When you have something wrong with your body, your aura will tell you.


Scientists can see the energy of the aura in images and this is how human beings’ function. Testing is not something that has been approved in the USA but around the world, people have been able to understand and find the energies of the chakras and how they affect the overall wellbeing.


There are different experiments that are being done to find out what causes your aura to change. Some believe the aura will change after death up to 72 hours after you die. The energies may or may not be going back into the earth.


Our internal system can become sick and blocked and this can happen to our auras as well. When this happens, we need to have energy healing and be able to get rid of blockages. This can mean that your chakras or your aura is blocked, and you need to get help.

Aura Issues

There are some issues that can affect how strong your aura is and it can lead to problems in your health. If you have been feeling down and you are full of negative emotions, your aura can not work as well, and you might get sick.

Energies that Cause Problems

Having not enough energy or having too much energy in your chakra can cause you to have health problems such as panic attacks, emotional problems and physical problems.

Distant Healing

Distant energy healing can take place when you are far away, but you need a healer. You can let the healer to do distance healing and you do not even need to call them or meet them, just send them a picture of yourself.

Effects of Distance Healing

Distance healing can bring you peace and can help you to be whole and healed. This can increase your energies and cause you to have a healthy mind and body.

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