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7 Ways to Block Energy Vampires

7 Ways to Block Energy Vampires

The totality of Planet Earth hums with the fields of energies that surround living beings.  Predictably you will encounter the energy field of people you meet throughout your day.  However, there are steps you can take to prevent from absorbing other’s emissions or having people leech onto you and stealing your valuable life force.

  1. Address and Resolve Lingering Issues

People strike a nerve because a comment or an action can tap into a hurt that you still need to process and release.  In order to be avoid being subjective to a wave of sudden negative emotions, take periodic stalk of issues you need to work on, assume responsibility, and take concrete steps to heal yourself.  When you begin to take control of your own happiness and life you will find other’s people perceptions cease to matter to you.

  1. Lose the Guilt

If you find someone usurping your time and energy, its in your best interest to walk away.  You might be concerned with being rude, but if you stay you will only absorb their emotions and energy.  Pay attention and honor your intuition.  By being your authentic self, you can reach your full potential while protecting yourself from people that could rob you of your joy.  By not repressing your feelings and emotions you can prevent anxiety or other health issues from manifesting in your body.

  1. You are Only Responsible for Yourself

You will never be able to contract how another person behaves.  When you claim this knowledge and focus on control yourself and your experiences you will experience a sense of freedom and peace.

  1. Claim Your Space

Much like other people, it’s impossible to control the external environment.  Therefore, make your inner world as rich and vibrant as possible.  When you claim, own and decorate your inner sanctum you can travel with it anywhere and make any place feel like home.

This is important because how we perceive the environment influences our mood and even DNA.  When you feel peaceful and secure you create a healthier physical, mental and even spiritual body.  By taking responsibility for the wellbeing and upkeeping of your inner environment you can radiate this inner harmony outward.  This will dispel those who seek to drag you down and suck your energy.  Instead you will promote peace, love and lightness and attract other likeminded individuals.

  1. Focus on Internal Validation

The only person that needs to feel pride in a situation is YOU!  When you learn how to love and support yourself you will no longer seek the approval of others.  When people chase the accolades and endorsement of others, they open the gate to let anyone access their personal reserve of energy.  This will lead to them feeling frustrated, drained and anxious.  Work to love and accept yourself for exactly as you are in this moment.  This will be confidence, pride and self-worth.

When you can radically love and value yourself, you will notice that although a person’s feedback might hit you weird, by controlling your reactions you will be able to focus and process only the moment important points.  For example, if someone comments on your fizzy hair, you won’t be frazzled because you know it might be time for a haircut that you will schedule when it’s convenient for you.

Contrasting views are a hallmark of our time on Earth.  When you can accept this fact, you can see how differing viewpoints serve to help us grow.  Be willing to check in with your perspectives from time to time to see how they might have shifted.  But focus on surrounding yourself with people who seek to uplift and inspire you.  Being around those who honor your spirit, will serve to ground you and aid you in preventing you from absorbing harmful energy or having people try to steal your light.

  1. Create a Barrier

No one can steal your energy without an invitation.  Unfortunately, that can be as simple as having an open space that comes can easily enter.  Your actions, no matter how subtle attract each person into your life.  If you fail to erect a barrier around your being you run the risk of people tapping into your life force.  Each day we consciously or subconsciously invite people into our lives choose to focus on cultivating relationships with people that strive to help you grow and better the world around you.

  1. Limit Contact with Negative People

Each day, you have a finite amount of energy.  Each interaction you have throughout the day lead you to spend a bit of that energy until you are so tapped out you need to rest.  When you interface with people, they have the ability to either share or drain you of energy.  Identify who are the energy vampires and whether this action is intentional or situational.  You can show guarded compassion for people going through a difficult point in their life, but make sure to limit exposure to chronically toxic individuals.

If you find yourself in contact with a people who drains you, its best to walk away.  Choose to surround yourself with people who strive to uplift those around them.  Energy has a profound ripple effect.  If one transmits negativity it will spread like cancer through a community.  Whereas promoting positivity radiates buoyancy and inspiration that can be used to better the world and across the universe.

By paying attention to a person or an object imbibes them with energy.  Whatever the focus is, it will manifest tenfold.  Ask yourself if what you are focusing on will help you or hinder you.  You create your reality based on your thoughts, emotions, feelings and action.  Work to protect yourself from any harmful energy and the first steps begin with having fun and leading with a smile.

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