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Setting Psychic and Empath Boundaries

Do you have people in your life that are a blessing while other people need to have boundaries?  Sometimes when you are around psychics and empath’s you might feel that they are giving you information that you don’t want or need.

Even if it is a message they are getting, you might feel like they are going past your boundaries and they are doing things that cause you to have bad memories or causing you to get worried and freaked out about things.

Understanding Them

There are ways that you can get energies from different people that are sensitive to these energies and sometimes, empath’s and psychic’s don’t even realize that they are giving you these energies or that they are releasing these emotions to you.  Sometimes, they do this accidently.

Even if you ask a person to stop doing this, they might not be able to stop because they are always having this energy.  They might keep upsetting you and invading your life and your emotions.  Remember though, empath’s and psychics aren’t always aware that they have these gifts or powers and if you have a problem with them, you have to tell them and be clear with them on how they are making you feel.

Some psychics will not understand their own power and wouldn’t understand why they wake up with dreams and visions and thoughts.

Defending Yourself

When you ask an empath to stop having emotions, it is asking someone to stop seeing or hearing.  If they have good powers and strong gifts, they more than likely will not be able to stop and you have to learn to put up a psychic shield.  You have to set boundaries for them and yourself and try not to make them feel bad.

Give them a break from reading for you and let them know that they need to handle their energy.  An energy shield will help to keep the energy outside of your body and the energy field will protect you from other energies coming to you.

Try to reach Reiki Level 1 and you can work to heal yourself with your own energy.  You need to start by saying hat you want out of the situation, such as, saying you need a shield of protection around you.

Clear your mind and focus on the energy around you.  Meditate to stay calm.  Once you are focused, imagine getting energy from your stomach.  Say again what you want and make sur your mind knows and that you are focused on your shield.

Put the energy in your mind and make it hard and to the point where no one can break it.  Think about anything that makes you feel happy and safe.

You might want to lower the shield at some point, and you can do this by meditating and asking the shield to lower.

Things to Know

Empath’s and psychic’s feel that they are doing things for the good and they will not know why they can’t read you anymore.  Your energies might not be shielded immediately but you have to keep calling them each day.  Trust your shield.

If you are being invaded, make sure that you get rid of these spirits by talking to a guide.  If you are an empath or a psychic, shield your own self from always having too many emotions and thoughts so that you can stay in control.

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