Harness Your Prana Energy Today

Harness Your Prana Energy Today

Prana energy is term for life force energy.  In Chinese traditions this universal force is referred to as chi (qi).  Prana is the basis of all life.  It can be absorbed best via mindful deep breathing.  There are five styles of Prana, which we have listed below.

  • Prana vayu
  • Apana vayu
  • Samana vayu
  • Udana vayu
  • Yyana vayu

Both the quality of air and the style of which we breathe facilitates optimal flow of prana.  Since our heartbeat links with the prana, as well as the oxygen we absorb, one’s heartbeat is also part of the prana system.  The heart serves to allocate the energy all over our body.  When you mediate on the heart chakra, you can better integrate the power of cosmic prana and its benefits with your mind, body and spirit.  Regulating the movement of prana is done via our breath.  The way we manage our breathing correlates with the external ways we experience our lives.  You can breathe either measured and focused, or erratic and staccato.  Each style produces a key effect on one’s mind, body, and spirit.

It is crucial to understand prana is not the air we intake or the act of breathing, but instead that air is the gateway to the energy prana possess.  This in a Western mindset is similar to source code.  Instead of a series of 1’s and 0’s of a computer code, prana is the basis of life in spiritual terms.  It’s a repeating pattern that serves as the backbone of making a system run.

Why life force is essential

Prana, Chi, Qi (or in Japan “Ki”) is an electromagnetic field that is produced by living beings (bioelectromagnetic).  Think of how an electrical current is carried along a wire, a magnetic field around the entirety of length of that wire.  All living creatures pulse with electric transmission sent between the brain, our nerves and tissues via the spinal cord.  No matter how small a charge could be, at any millisecond trillions of charges occur simultaneously in a body.  This process creates the bioelectromagnetic field, or prana.  This magnetic field can be influenced by its surroundings.  How the area within the bioelectromagnetic field interacts with the substances around it contributes to the “command” of the force on one’s qi.

11 Simple Ways to Amplify your Prana

  1. Meditate

Find a comfortable position either sitting or laying down.  Invite the life force energy to swirl about your body.  Notice any images, colors or sensations that arise during the meditation.

  1. Breathe

Practice diaphragmic breathing.  Take deep, purposeful breaths into your abdomen.  Focus on how the breath makes you feel.

  1. Select high vibration foods

Centering your diet on high vibration foods like fruits and vegetables will raise your overall energetic vibration.  As you continue to eat healthy, notice how your body feels and how your intuition becomes strengthened.

  1. Affirmations

Prana energy always us to become more positive in thoughts and actions.  By reciting positive daily affirmations people reprogram their subconscious to let go of aspects that limit our potential.  Thus, we are able to create the life that best serves our spirit.

  1. Laughter

Laughter helps us navigate the tough days.  It brings in more light and joy into our lives.  It shifts the lower vibrations and negative thinking into patterns that are healthier for us.  Laughter relaxes the entirety of our body, boosts the immune system, strengthens our physical and energetic heart, and even burns calories.  Essentially laughter enables us to live a healthier life for decades to come.

  1. Act lovingly

Commit to being more loving to yourself and others.  Love transcend thought or emotions.  It the basis of the universe.  As you spread it freely, you will be more apt to receive it.

  1. Live boldly

Discover your life purpose and explore this potential to its fullest!  Most unhappy people feel lost and purposeless.  Indulge in the aspects that make you special and bring you joy.  Don’t compare yourself with anyone else.  Live life on your terms and embrace your self-worth.

  1. Honor your body

Become better connected with your physical and mental bodies.  As you begin to live more within yourself you can reconnect to what makes you special.  You can strengthen your relationship with yourself through breathing and mediation exercises.

  1. Release negativity

Negativity only blocks our life force.  Thus, we feel stuck and listless.  This is especially true when we are in toxic relationships.  People with lower vibrations can inadvertently drain our energy and become energy vampires.  Begin to distance yourself from them to protect your energetic and physical health.  Although difficult to do, this space can allow them to identify the areas they need to heal so that they can once more become a blessing in your life.

  1. Consistency matters

Energy is always moving.  But for it to flow optimally consistency helps.  Begin by setting and meeting small, but meaningful goals.  As you become successful broaden out your goals and help inspire others to improve their life as well.

  1. Be compassionate

Show compassion towards yourself and others as much as possible.  Try to limit judgmental thinking as this impedes prana’s flow.  Remember the law of attraction.  As you become more compassionate you will notice other around you will be more compassionate as well.