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Chakra Balancing Using a Pendulum

Chakra Balancing Using a PendulumPendulums are tools that are capable of detecting energetic fields. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Being well tuned to subtle vibrations, a chakra pendulum is capable of helping us balance, clear, and heal our bodies and ourselves.

A pendulum at the most basic level is a weight hanging on a fixed point. When the pendulum is pulled, then released, gravity and inertia cause it to move. Amazingly, when no movement is inflicted on the weight, energy moves it with a bit of help from the unconscious mind of the holder. This feels magical as the movement is from energy we cannot see.

The chakras are subtle energy fields that animate our bodies. When the chakras are not aligned, we can feel pulled apart or uncentered. When placed over the chakra centers, the pendulum will also move to demonstrate the size and direction in which the chakra is emitting energy. This reveals any imbalances and blocks.

Choosing a Pendulum

When choosing a pendulum, it is a very personal decision. This can be done online or in person as you see which pendulum draws you to it. If in person, do not immediately reach out, simply observe the colors and shapes or overall material. Choose one and hold it, feeling its energy to see what message you are feeling.

Then hold the string or chain, depending on what you choose, between the thumb and forefinger with arm extended so that it rests at heart level. Ask the pendulum if it will help you so you are physically linked to it and showing proper manners. This sets the stage. If you feel a jolt or lift of your spirit, then the answer is yes. If you feel resistance, choose another one to work with and repeat the process.

Once connected, clear your mind completely and hold the pendulum at heart level. Ask the pendulum to show you how it answers yes and wait, then the same with no. Always wait for the pendulum to stop moving before asking a second question so all will be revealed. When a pendulum is found that responds, this is one you can work with. This is honoring to the pendulum’s wisdom and provides respect for its power before you make a purchase.

Yes or No Directionality

Yes and no can vary between pendulums, but once established, it should not change for that pendulum. A change in directionality may be indicative of a block in a personal field.

Finding Answers

Pendulums are affected by our thoughts, so it is highly important to be in a clear head space free from attachment to the answers to receive an unbiased response. Your mind plays heavily on the responses received so we need to be totally neutral.

Pendulums are good at many things, but finding lost objects is one of the best. It is not as accurate on big decisions. We must remember they are tools, not single avenues of truth that should be solely relied upon. It should not be used to make final, big decisions.

Balancing Chakras

When embarking on healing work, pendulums can be used to balance chakras. Place the pendulum over the chakra you are working with, in the center. Wait for the pendulum to move, indicating the direction and size of the energy in that area. Starting at the root or crown is best, moving through each to gather information.

Ideally, each chakra size and direction will be the same or very close. Any erratic shifts mean an imbalance is present. No movement at all, indicates a block that needs addressed right away. After all have been checked, go back and one by one, invite them back into harmony. The pendulum does not force anything to happen, just offers indicators so the body can correct itself.

If doing work on someone else, you can ask them to invite harmony into the body with each chakra as you discuss the functions and colors of each. This teaches self healing. When all issues have been addressed, do a final check to make sure the pendulum reveals all chakras are the same size and direction.

This easily accessible tool can aid in self care and healing with little time or monetary investment. While we should not totally rely on tools, they can be used for assistance within reason.


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