Pendulum Psychic Readings and Psychic Advice

Discover the Magic of Pendulums to gain divine guidance from Spirit. Having a pendulum reading will bring clarity to your questions.

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Pendulum Psychic Readings

There are so many options for getting spiritual clarity in the world today. It can be incredibly difficult to decide where to go, who to ask, and who is reliable in your quest for answers. Pendulum psychic reading can be a way to tune yourself to your own psychic abilities, or to use the talents of another person to bring clarity to your questions.

What is a Pendulum Reading?

A pendulum reading utilizes a weighted object on the end of a string. Unlike the hypnosis stereotypes of old, using a pendulum can help with increasing intuitive senses because of the rhythmic motion of the object. This calming of the mind can bring up subconscious ideas or answers your higher self may have for the questions you have asked.

The pendulum itself doesn’t have to be anything special, but most people prefer a small object about six inches long that is pointed on the bottom end. The object shouldn’t be too heavy or too light. The string holding the pendulum can be any variety of materials, such as a small chain, thread, or string.

To swing the pendulum, hold it in your dominant hand. The pendulum should be able to move freely, and you should make sure that you are comfortable and ready to sit still for a little bit of time. By following the movement of the pendulum with your eyes, you will begin to awaken the intuitive, or psychic sense.

Kinds of Pendulum Reading:

There are a few different ways to go about your pendulum reading.

  • The first is by performing the pendulum reading while you are in a quiet, relaxing place. Some people may choose to do this on a spiritual retreat or while on vacation.

This allows you to awaken your intuition in a peaceful, tranquil setting, where you can be away from the distractions of your everyday life. Vacation readings can be taken several times a day, and can be used to improve your own psychic sensitivity so that you can begin to answer the questions you have on your mind.

  • Some pendulum readings can be done every day. Daily readings should be conducted at the same time and in the same place. This allows your mind to focus on the question you want an answer to.
  • Pendulum readings can also be done over the phone. If you, like many people, take advantage of psychic services online or over the phone but have a hard time concentrating on those readings, a pendulum reading could help with clarity. By doing a pendulum reading in tandem with a psychic reading, certain words or ideas may stick out more than others.
  • Having a gifted psychic do a pendulum reading for you is a common psychic practice. A psychic will enter into a meditative state, and you should be relaxed as well. The psychic will be well attuned to the pendulum’s movement and be able to give you a reading.
  • If you are doing your pendulum reading yourself, you may find that over time your arm gets tired from holding the pendulum and keeping its rhythm. The amount of time you can hold the pendulum yourself is good for a short and clear psychic reading; longer sessions can become cloudy and feel pressured. However, if you do want a longer reading, you can mount your pendulum on a doorframe or mantle.

Pendulum Psychic Readings

Pendulum readings are a good way to tune into your own intuitive psychic abilities, and to attain clarity about questions or situations in your life. This is a unique way to learn about yourself and work through your own questions in a safe and supportive environment, wherever you are in your journey.