What a Pendulum Reading Can Reveal


Pendulum readings have a plethora of benefits. One of the biggest benefits is their simplicity. They’re both easy for the psychic to perform and for the client to participate in. But, there are a few things you need to know in order to get the most out of your pendulum reading.

How do pendulum readings work?

Pendulum readings are performed by a psychic using a heavy, weighted stone or object that is attached to a chain or rope, so that it spins and moves freely. The psychic asks that the entities they are communicating with clearly establish what “yes” looks like. They do this by keeping their arm straight and letting the pendulum move freely, of its own accord. The answers can come in several forms, but the most common are to the left, to the right and in circles. When they ask for the entities to establish what an answer looks like, sometimes their reply is subtle, and they’ll therefore have to watch for subtle movements from the pendulum at first. After they do this, they repeat the process and establish what a “no” reply looks like. Once this has been established, the reading can begin.

Another way to get clear answers from a pendulum reading if you have an answer that could result in multiple choices is to write each choice down on a piece of paper. Then, you can arrange the pieces into a circle. The pendulum can be directed to move in the direction of the right choice, and indicate the piece of paper with the answer on it. You can also create a chart, using a similar method, but with one piece of paper, instead of several.

Questions during pendulum readings

The best thing about pendulum readings is that they’re easy. You ask simple “yes or no” questions, and the pendulum answers definitively. (Even if the spirits don’t know, there’s usually a way to tell that this is what they’re indicating.) You can ask anything you want. You should have questions ready beforehand. I usually reflect on my life for a few hours and write the questions down so that I don’t forget them, and I can have them with me and in front of me during the reading. You can also ask follow-up questions during the reading, so you don’t have to stick strictly to your prepared questions.

It’s hard to do, but one of the most important things to remember during pendulum readings is that you need to remain open-minded and neutral. Don’t try to predict the answers you’ll be given, and don’t hope for certain outcomes. If you do, this could greatly influence the answers you receive. Think about it: If you were asked by a person whether their lover would marry them, and you knew they wouldn’t, but the person obviously had their heart set on a particular answer, would you want to tell them the truth and break their hearts? Some spirits don’t want to be jerks. So, staying neutral assures a neutral reading.

You also need to make your questions very clear. If there is any way to misunderstand your question, you’ll get an unclear response. This will happen until you ask a clear question. So, if you don’t want a bunch of frustration, think about your questions carefully.


Whether you’re considering seeking out a psychic to perform your first pendulum reading, or you’re a psychic who doesn’t have a lot of experience with pendulums, the information in this article should greatly help to get you acquainted with pendulum readings. It’s important that both people are comfortable during the reading, and it’s important that the questions that are being asked are clear, as well. But, one more piece of advice: never ask a question that you don’t want an honest answer to.