Ways of using a pendulum

Ways of using a pendulum

Ways of using a pendulumThis is something every psychic specialist should be aware of. However, several psychics don’t know anything about pendulums and frequently contemplate that this tool has a relationship with spirituality, contact with the spirits or is a representation of an old person trying to justify her skills to her friends.

It is good to note that pendulum can be used for several distinct ways and not for spirituality and psychic abilities only. The main reason why I’m writing this article is to show different uses of the pendulum and show you how you can easily build your tool.


Let’s look at what pendulum is on Wikipedia.

It is a mass that is attached to a pivot, from which it can freely swing.

So easy just like that. Just attach it to a string and there you have it. It works by swinging. Different swings represent different things. Some individuals attribute the swinging of pendulums to spirits, they say it might be the spirits trying to communicate via swinging pendulums while other people believe that it’s the subtle cramps of the muscles which are caused by our subconscious are the ones causing a pendulum to move. This means that pendulum is a way of communicating with the subconscious.

Using a pendulum

Before using a pendulum, you have to get it first. It can be built or bought. There’s no difference. If someone tells you one day to buy a professional pendulum, it won’t work, he will be lying or he doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

If you now have a pendulum in your hand, rest your hand on a table or a chair which will help keep your hand firm. Hold the string between your thumb and index finger. After that, request the pendulum to show you what swing will represent “yes” and what it will be for “no”. regardless of your belief, it will work. You are right if you think this is your spirit guide moving it and if you think it’s your subconscious, then you are also right.

Cards exercise

Since you know swings for both “yes” and “no”, you can use that knowledge for a bit of fun. Take a cards deck which usually contains 52 cards and shuffle them. Pick three cards randomly and do not look at them. Pick one and remember it, put back all the three cards in your bag and shuffle them. Place them on the desk and pick up your pendulum.

Then ask a question: “is the first card from the right mine” close your eyes and relax keeping the question in your mind. After seconds, open your eyes and look at the swing of your pendulum. If it’s not moving. Close your eyes again and repeat the process. You will get your answer in the end.

You have to trust the pendulum’s movement. If it’s moving, then it means it’s moving on well. Keep doing this and you will finally find the results interesting.