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The Pendulum’s Power

Are you thinking how does the information come through the pendulum and where it is from? When the mind is free, calm, and in a relaxed condition, it is open to receiving information, which in turn transforms down through the string and into the pendulum. Some experts say the information comes between the forward swing and the back swing. It’s likened to the slight and almost indiscernible pause between inhaling and exhaling, and that pause is the moment when inspiration comes through the subconscious mind and into the pendulum.

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The basic form and structure of a pendulum is a weight on a string or a chain. Pendulums come in a variety of forms, from the simple and homemade to the ornate. The quality of materials or construction of your pendulum matters less than your connection to it. Just about anything will work. I have a friend, who is an exceptional dowser; he keeps a key on a string in his desk, for moments when he needs to dowse at work.

Start with a simple pendulum that is relatively lightweight. A heavy pendulum can make it harder for a beginner to read answers properly, and make it difficult to move. For more accurate chart readings, choose a pendulum with a point at the bottom to aid in reading the numbers the pendulum is pointing at and swinging to. There are many methods to finding a pendulum, the one listed below is one of many options.

One method for finding your pendulum match:
Look first; note which pendulums draw your attention.
Pick up the ones you are drawn to, one at a time, and ask the pendulum 3 simple questions.

  1. Are you in service to the light?*
    *Light and Dark both come from God / Source, and according to Hindu and Buddhist philosophy, Light and ark are part of the inevitable duality of this earth plane; it is important to understand that without the dark, we would not be able to see the Light.
    i. If “yes”, go on to the next question
    ii. If “no” (this is rare), put it down and pick up the next one that catches your eye.
  2. Do you want to work with me?
    i. If “yes”, go on to the last question.
    ii. If “no”, put it down, pick up the next pendulum and start over.
  3. On a scale of 1-10 how much do you want to work with me?
    i. Start the pendulum swinging in the “no” position (side to side or horizontal swing) and ask the numbers in sequence, 1-10, you will get a “yes” or vertical swing when you hit the correct number value.
    If the number value dowsed is a 7 or below try a different pendulum.
    ii. Look for the one that is a 10 for you. If you don’t find it in one shop keep looking. The right pendulum match is out there for you and you will find it.

For first time pendulum buyers shopping online can be tricky. One of my beginning students bought a very big metal pendulum online that was too heavy for her to work with. Though it did look very “cool” it was impractical for her to practice with and develop her skills.


Follow your instinct. Some people feel protective about their tools, and enjoy energetically cleaning them. Following some cleaning rituals like soaking your crystal pendulum in a salt water solution for 24 hours, smudging it or laying it out in the sun for the day could always be helpful, because you believe it to be so, and it just might very well be. Take caution however, if your pendulum is a coated metal or the chain is a coated metal it might begin to corrode in the salt solution.

Personally, I don’t feel it necessary form me clean to my pendulum, unless I have dropped it. I believe that once you and your pendulum have chosen each other, see previous topic “How do I Find the Right Pendulum?” and have begun dowsing, you will know whether or not something needs to be cleaned, and it is likely not the pendulum, but an interference within you that can be easily corrected by dowsing the energy clearing protocols in the e-book “The Spirit of Dowsing A Beginners Guide” for yourself. If you think there is something not right with your pendulum try cleaning it or consider getting another one.

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There is a set of preliminary questions that come before you actually begin to dowse for information. While the first three are concerned with establishing whether or not you should dowse, the other three set the parameters of the information you are seeking.
These three parameters are time, subject and question.
• Time: Generally the time of the inquiry is now–right at this moment. It may seem obvious, but you must still explicitly state the time frame that you are asking about. This necessity arises because it is possible to project inquires back in time, such as asking about yesterday, or last week.
• Subject: This is the person, place, or thing that you are inquiring about, yourself, a pet, a family member, your home, your workplace, etc. It is recommended that you concentrate on yourself and your home in the beginning of your practice. This will help you develop confidence and a stronger bond with your dowsing system.
• Question: This is the thing you want to know; the question you want answered. When you ask the question, it is recommended you verify again, the time and subject, even if they are the same. This will help you keep your focus when dowsing your subject.


Being child-like and curious in your approach to dowsing will allow you the space to be more relaxed, have a more neutral frame of mind, be more open to learning new things while having more fun.
Releasing all preconceived ideas or judgments about what you think “it” might be or what the “effects” could be, you will begin to notice the answers coming easily and effortlessly. The key is to be neutral, relaxed and detached. Allow your system to show you the answers while you watch
with awe.

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In closing, These were just a few of the many questions I attempt to answer from my new dowsing students. My hope is to enrich and empower their practice.

I encourage my students to study with whichever expert dowsing teachers and methods they are drawn to. I like the way Sue Holmes, a Registered Dowser with the British Society of Dowsers says it, “You will meet many experts’ who all have their own methods and ideas about dowsing and energy work, learn what you can from each and find your own way through your own dowsing experiences”.

We can encourage others to change the energy in their lives through dowsing. It is my sincere wish that you found something in this article to be helpful in some way and or you know someone who could benefit from reading it.

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