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The Pendulum’s Power

pendulum power 2Whether a pendulum is utilized to make a clock tick or on the off chance that you need to utilize this gadget to choose critical choices the instrument of the pendulum is the same – a weight joined to a string or chain that permits the hung weight to move forward and backward however a swing activity created by the powers of gravity. It can work either by holding your Pendulum directly in your hand or be used as fixed point connection like in a clock. Pretty cool when you think about the simplicity of the Pendulum actions in relation to the very thing that keeps us in place on this rotating Earth.

This momentum will power your clock as well as your decisions according to those that believe in the art of Pendulum readings. And if tool to gain spiritual insight is driven by the very effects of our planet; how could I not wonder further about this connection.

Before you pooh-pooh the idea that a Pendulum could help decide crucial decisions let me tell you what I have learned. Aside from working with insightful and knowing individuals at Zodiac Tarot Live, I have experienced since committing myself to Tarot as a professional reader after 30 years of loving it as a tool for myself, family and friends, I have been exposed to a variety of different forms to connect with our spiritual side and our guides; who I believe are there to help us through tools like Tarot, Mediums and the Pendulum. I have even taken the concept of the throwing of coin in relation to I Ching interpretations used by a close friend to a much simpler exercise for me. I use the humble act of flipping a coin for a yes or no answer I seek. I have become so confident in the outcome of my coin toss I have used its message to decide everything from purchases to the act of knowing the time was now to put down my most beloved pet. When we trust in God and the universal direction that is available to us if we ask, I have learned it does not matter what medium we use, but the heart and goodness of the intention of the message is what matters.
Let us see what the Pendulum and its wonder have to offer us. The origin of the word Pendulum derives from the Latin word Pendulous meaning Hanging Down. Interestingly, you find the hanging down, hanging in time concept in both Tarot and Astrology. These are important life lessons in each. There are meditations and Angels we can call upon to get us through the times we feel we are just hanging in time; leaving many of us frustrated and angry and why we need to learn this is a necessary component of life.

Contemplating time is an overall concept we all deal with daily; and how many of us realize what we really want to do and what is important in our lives in relation with our time as we grow more mature. I can now easily understand how a Pendulum can be used as a tool to connect with answers.

pendulum power 3The primary purpose of conducting a Pendulum reading is to get the reader into an intuitive state than easily connects with their spiritual guidance and answers. It is even said to enhance a reading by others such as Mediums, Tarot and Astrology Readers, anywhere you want your psychic senses to be enhanced is helped by the meditation of a Pendulum beforehand. The continually back and forth motion is not unlike the Om chant for those that practice the teachings of Buddha, who use the repetitive chant as a way of releasing tensions and clearing away any distractions in our conscious mind set.  Through this intuitive awakening, your psychic senses become heightened and enriched. Those who partake of daily Pendulum meditation say it makes facing the day easier, one where we are more willing to let life take its course – much like the Latin definition of Hanging Down.

Comparable to my coin toss above, seeking answers of the yes and no kind maybe the best way to use the simple process of entering a meditative and spiritual connected state supplied by the constant rhythm of the Pendulum. I found through my research it was often said the questions should have answers where you can control the outcome. I found this was true of my flip of the coin as well. Using a classic example, Will I marry him? Versus Should I marry him? Is the style of control I am speaking about. In the Will I Marry question I have no control of the situation; I may not even be in a relationship as of yet and only hoping for one. But if I am faced with a Yes or No in the Should I Marry question – then the answer is in my control. And I have learned from myself and many, many readings of people in this style question situation; if you are pausing then you have your answer! And why a Pendulum reading can be so important in allowing us to listen to our heart and intuitive voice instead of outside influences.

When people ask me about getting started reading Tarot cards, I not only encourage their outreach into the fascination that is Tarot, but also to use and pull a card daily so they can experience firsthand what a cards meaning is asking you to learn. The same is true of Pendulum meditation. It can become your daily activity to connect with your intuitive side – and relax you through the experience as well! How nice is that!

It is easy to get started too. Choose an object that you wish to use as the weight and the ‘string’ that will act as the conduit for the Pendulums back and forth motion.  Either of these items can be of your choosing and connection. It can be store bought, a chain from a loved one, a lucky coin appearing to you in the lot or a special rock found at the shore. It can have meaning to you or not it is said. Call me silly but I would imagine something specially chosen by us would carry that much more ability to connect and making it more open for us to use daily. People also suggest using your hand as the stationary point of the Pendulum at first which allows the senses of your body to be included in the experience of the intuitive.

pendulum power 1Once you are happy with the distribution of the weight and swing of your Pendulum find a comfortable and quiet location to start your meditation. It is as easy as concentrating on the motion of the Pendulum while contemplating the answers you seek. Be open to the thoughts you will be having and your willingness to connect with what your subconscious wants to tell you. Be brave to face an answer. So many times, we wish for one thing, when we intuitively know our answer should be a different one than the one we wish for. And why I find Tarot and now Pendulum so important in connecting with our spiritual and intuitive selves for answers that are truly best for us – despite our reluctance to face such questioning.

So if are looking for an easy way to connect to what your intuition and spirit guides are seeking to answer for you then I suggest you begin to learn how to release your daily tensions and start swinging your Pendulum!

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