Pendulums: Metal Matters

Pendulums: Metal Matters

Pendulums: Metal MattersA pendulum is something that can be made from many different substances or metals. Each of the materials that are used can affect how well the pendulum functions. So, when you choose a particular pendulum you must focus on both the metals used in the making, as well as the crystals and stones. The metal can make a difference in the functionality and we can explain why.

The use of a pendulum requires energy and light. This means the metal should hold certain properties. Silver is known to be one of the top energy conductive materials that exists on the planet. This is followed closely by copper. Since using a pendulum means working with energy transmission, the metal choice is highly important. You should look for one of the top conductors.

Moving on to light, because the pendulum also needs to reflect light, silver is again the most effective. For many centuries, the highest mirrors of quality had pure silver on the back because of the reflective properties. It is also a key in photography for reflective properties. Silver is used in many things from jewelry to solar reflectors that are used to capture light and convert it to energy. Since a pendulum is a tool for Light work, silver is a top choice.

Metals that Endure

Silver is sometimes called the Moon’s metal and is believed to enhance intuitive powers and the psychic mind, energetically speaking. Mined from the earth, silver and its alloys have multiple uses for humans that range from commerce to dentistry with many things in between. The number of uses has only grown in modern times. One alloy, sterling silver, is a mixture of two metals, often copper and silver. This makes the combination both beautiful and highly conductive.

Much like silver, copper is an earth element though to be highly conductive. Though not a precious metal, it is more abundant and has multiple uses. In the daily world, copper  is found in everything from pipes to jewelry. It can further be used to increase or straighten energies or create a shield from electromagnetic sources.

Gold is also a decent energy conductor, falling just behind copper and silver with its alloys, but the price makes it an unlikely source for pendulums. This is especially true when it is not the top energy conductor. Other earthly metals also fall far short of silver or copper as they are base metals and used for cheaper items and every day items that are mass produced. This applies to metals that may be called silver due to the color, but contain no actual silver.

Silver and gold are both precious metals and while copper is not, it is still highly stable. All three of these will serve well for long lasting wear that can remain beautiful for many generations to come. Silver and copper further wear well for almost everyone, including those with metal allergies. This makes them comfortable and safe.

Energy Receivers

A good pendulum will swing in spite of unintended muscle movements by the holder because energy travels through the higher self and into these muscles and down the chain. The energy will then move the stone. This is smoother and overall better with highly conductive metals.

A pendulum is meant to be like a trusted friend that you are able to rely on when most needed. The more often you need it and use it, the more you can learn to trust it.