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Increase Your Pendulum Power With These 4 Tips

pendulumIt is very important for a light worker to keep our personal energy field free of negative vibes.   Having a spiritual routine which would most likely incorporates daily meditation and journaling for emotional outlet, and and participating in workshops and healing courses are all good practices and certainly will point you to the right direction.

However, should one of your chakras not be in optimum drive, you aren’t functioning properly.  It might not be news you want to hear but it is important as an an energy healer and spiritual teacher to find any negative energy lurking in your chakras.  Once identified, you can let it out and replace it with positive energy.

Finding and identifying the blockages or imbalances in your chakras is the first step to being able to treat them, and this is where pendulums can prove to be incredibly helpful tools for energy healing. You can use a pendulum on a partner to check their chakras with their pen

A free and clear chakra will spin gently in the right direction, which should be reflected in the movement of the pendulum.  Like any skill, patience and practice are key components to success with a pendulum, but here are four additional tips to start you off on the right foot.

  1. Choose the right type of pendulum.

Technically, a pendulum can be any weighted object that is attached to a cord or string and can freely swing in all amethyst crystal pendulumdirections when held from a fixed point. But for examining energy flow through chakras, I highly recommend a conical-shaped pendulum made of beech wood. Choose wood, rather than metal, stone, or crystal, because it is safer. Crystal pendulums can actually cut a chakra, and that is not what we want!

  1. Let the pendulum absorb your energy.

When you receive your pendulum, keep it close to you, preferably on your person, for several days before using it. Carry it around in your pocket during the day and sleep near it at night, and feel free to handle it if you’d like. This will allow the pendulum to soar.

  1. Bless your pendulum before each use.  

The location of the chakras on the human body, vector image

You have your own energy signature, and since the pendulum works by amplifying energy, the better attuned to your unique vibrations it is, the better and more accurate your results.

Every aspect of energy healing comes from Source, from the universal field, and acknowledging that before attempting readings is a good way to stay humble and keep ego—a roadblock to energy healing—in check. Then, bless your pendulum by communicating with your spirit guides, angels, and higher self to request that they help the pendulum’s movements stay true. How the pendulum moves will illuminate the state of each chakra, so you want to ensure that there is some guidance from beyond the physical plane. Remain open to their assistance and available to their influence.

  1. Test your pendulum before reading chakras.

Try a test run before you attempt to use your pendulum to check chakras. Hold the cord and let the pendulum hang down, keeping your arm and hand still. Ask a question to which you know the answer is “yes.”  Watch for which way the pendulum moves—this is your pendulum’s signal for yes. Repeat the process with a question to which you know the answer is “no.” This test run will give you a baseline for yes and no responses that you can then use to ask questions that you do not consciously know the answer to, but your unconscious does. It’s like a magic eight ball that’s tuned in to a deeper part of you, and will make the results of your chakra test stronger.

Utilize these tips to bring your spiritual tool to optimum performance.  Also, even in this field, the saying practice makes perfect applies. With more and more practice, you become better at interpreting the pendulum’s messages, and simultaneously increasing your intuition.  Eventually, you will not need the pendulum to read chakras.

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