Getting answers from pendulums

Getting answers from pendulums

Few are familiar with pendulums.  Some are only aware of them as the means by which folk are hypnotized.  There is much more to them than that. For some, they hold the answers to delving into their own intuition.


Getting answers from pendulumsUsing a pendulum is actually a form of dowsing. Dowsing is using an object on a string to find the answer to yes or no questions. This method was originally used to help find minerals, water and oil. As late as in the 1960’s The government of South Africa asked Venrne Cameron to help them locate some natural resources. Cameron had, n the past, used dowsing to find submarines for the Navy.

A pendulum is used as a tool to access the intuition  by becoming an extension of our own subconscious guided by the universe.  Some use it as a way to guide them towards the answers to emotional questions.

Taking care of your pendulum

It is very important to cleanse the pendulum before use. This is similar to cleansing a crystal before use. A pendulum can be cleaned suing sage.   The sage is burned to purify the energy of both the pendulum and the room.  This will remove the negative energy that may be lurking around.  The pendulum can be cleansed with sound on crystal or Tibetan bells.

Using the pendulum

Once your pendulum is ready, you can proceed to the next step.  Stabilize your dominant hand by placing the elbow on a table or other flat surface.  Hold your pendulum by the top of the chain or string and then ask a question.  Ask a question that has a yes or no answer. The pendulum will swing. Remember which way it swings for a yes answer. Then repeat the process with a question that has a no answer.  This quick test should be repeated every time you use the pendulum.

Getting answers from pendulumsQuestions

Do ask some warm up questions by asking ones that have answers that you are in control over.

Other than that, there is no limit as to what kind of question you can ask. For example if you have a question about love, you might try asking if you are in a good relationship or if you and and your partner are really compatible.  You can ask questions about health; questions regarding diet and your well-being.  And , of course, there are questions about your work life; are you in the best job for your talent and aptitude? Or is it good time to a ask for a raise?

You can ask questions about finances, such as it is good time to buy stocks and is it time to invest?

Your pendulum can be used when you have choices that need to be made.  Some have used their pendulums to help decide in situations where all options are equal.   This could be as simple as what to eat for dinner  or as complicated as what neighborhood to consider  relocating to.

Locating lost things

You can use a pendulum to help find something that has gone missing. You start by asking if the object is able to be found.  If your pendulum indicates no, it might be impossible to find it.  If the answer is yes, you can then ask questions as to where you should begin looking.

Wrapping up

Some thank the pendulum for their assistance, just as they do any other tool they use in their metaphysical work.   Using the pendulum takes concentration and commitment and once you start, you should keep up the work with your intuition. As with any other psychic tool, use your best judgment.