Dowsing Accuracy

Dowsing Accuracy

Dowsing AccuracyMost dowsers are concerned about this. It also interests those who have not started dowsing. Questions like, how accurate are pendulum dowsing? Are just a few that they usually ask.  Or maybe they wonder whether dowsing is generally accurate.

They usually think if a dowser is accurate or not when asking such kind of questions.

This is not possible most definitely. You can’t always be right. Even those athletes who train are not perfect. Therefore, it won’t be fair to ask whether dowsing is accurate 100% because defining it that way is not fair at all. The right answer to this question is that dowsing can be accurate to some dowsers.

You can also answer this question by saying that it depends mostly on the person dowsing and what they are dowsing about. This is a skill, meaning it can be developed and improved. Those who are new to dowsing would vary largely in their accuracy because they are still learning and have not yet located the area they can achieve it.

This also depends on what’s being dowsed. If it’s anything like water dowsing, it can be easy to measure its accuracy since people have heard of it. After all, the water will be there or it won’t. but if it’s there then its flow can be measured. Those are some of the simplest ways to measure accuracy.