Crystal Pendulum Dowsing Explained

Crystal Pendulum Dowsing Explained

Crystal Pendulum Dowsing ExplainedThe divinatory arts take on many forms, but one that few are familiar with is that of crystal pendulum dowsing divination. This form of divination is a fascinating metaphysical art form that most will find simple to use. Divination tools can serve as access to your higher power or a way to tap into your inner self, whichever you prefer. It can be used to determine the gender of a child to which flowers are best suited to the day. With all these uses, it is best to know what pendulum dowsing actually is and how it works.

It is all actually, pretty simple. A pendulum is little more than a weighted object that is on a strong, then used to channel energy from a source. This is a form of dowsing that is technically defined as “a technique for searching for things invisible through observation of the motion of a given pointer.” The change in the movement of the pendulum is due to unseen forces. This has been around for centuries for things like finding water or underground minerals, but in the 18th century, psychics started using it for other purposes. It has been successfully used by famous artists and scientists through the years for a variety of purposes.

Pendulum dowsing is a common divinatory art today, possibly because it is the simplest. The pendulum is both receiving and transmitting while moving in different ways to respond to asked questions. Though there are many methods, you start by asking a question then wait while the energy flows through the pendulum as a conduit.

The pendulum work is perfect for yes or no questions, which is how most people use it. It must be hung steadily from the hand and completely still. Once the pendulum is quiet, a question can be asked, if it moves clockwise, it is a yes, otherwise the answer is no. However, the pendulum is personal and some see different movements relating to different answers. This is something you must determine on your own. Some also choose to hang the pendulum over a photo or paper with answer choices and ask a question, waiting for the pendulum to answer.

While some pendulums are made with crystal, there is no need to break the bank with something fancy. Any weighted, symmetrical, non-magnetized object hanging from a string or chain can serve the purpose. Make sure you are comfortable with the weight and length for the best results. The magic is in the energy, not the pendulum.

To get started with pendulum dowsing, start by choosing a pendulum that you can connect to, much like you would a tarot deck. Make sure you feel good holding the pendulum and if possible, spend time with it on you or under a pillow so it can gather your energy. Since it is for energy work, cleanse it in some way with salt, sage smoke, or the moonlight.

Then test it out by eliminating anything that could cause unintended movement. Once you and the pendulum are still, decide how the energies or your guides will speak to you. Some people are intuitive about this, but others should start with yes or no questions that you know the answers to ahead of time. Now that you know how the pendulum works, experiment with different methods incorporating answer keys of objects into your practice time.

There are some people who believe this is silly or a trick, but others who fully believe. You must decide for yourself. Even if you do not believe in angels or spirit guides, you may enjoy using the pendulum. If nothing else you can connect with your inner self and intuition. A little guidance, in whatever form, has never hurt anyone, so have a bit of fun.