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Converse with Your Intuition with a Pendulum

Those who understand intuition know two things. First, that everyone has some form of intuition. Some people may not listen to it as much as others but all people have it. Second, your intuition knows the answers to many things that the human mind doesn’t recognize.

That is where using a pendulum to tap into your intuition can be helpful. It may seem silly at first. You may feel silly, but this is a method that has worked for thousands of years and it will provide some insight into what you are really thinking deep down inside your soul.

Understanding Mind vs. Intuition

In a way, your body conflicts. Your mind and your spirit are often at war within yourself. Sometimes, you feel it. For instance, when your mind tells you something spiritual is not physically possible but your faith insists it will happen. That is a test of faith.

Conflict can also happen when your mind conflicts with your intuition. That’s because your mind, also known as your ego, is protecting you. Your intuition is trying to direct you. The conflict comes when the path your intuition chooses doesn’t seem practical or make sense.

Using a Pendulum

A pendulum can tell you for sure the answers your intuition has to offer more proof of your direction. This can help settle your mind on the issue because it is evidence your mind needs to make sense of it.

A pendulum can be anything on a chain or string. Typically, it’s something weighted on the end of a chain or string. It’s important that it can swing back and forth.

How Does It Work?

The pendulum works because it picks up on your vibrations. Your higher-self emits vibrations you don’t notice or feel but come out through your fingers. You will not do this consciously. In fact, the more you try to stop the pendulum consciously, the more it will swing. It is best to do this when you are feeling well, rested and relaxed.

How You Use a Pendulum

Pick a quiet space where you can be by yourself and concentrate on the questions you are going to ask. This should be considered an intimate time with yourself and that time should be respected.

Sit at a desk with your elbow on the desk so that it won’t inadvertently move. Place the end of the chain or string around your index finger so that it dangles. Now, it’s time to see how it answers questions.

Test the pendulum by asking a question where you know the answer is “yes.” This should be something like your name or age. See which way the pendulum swings for the “yes” answer Now, ask a question where you know the answer is “no.” See which way it swings.

Once you get clear on the “yes” and “no” directions, you can ask your questions. Make sure there isn’t a fan blowing or a window open. Also, make sure the pendulum starts where it isn’t moving.  When you begin, announce it.

The idea is that everyone has a divine spirit, which is God, in them and that God-part is what comes through in your intuition. Once you can interpret what your spirit is saying, you can make good decisions. The pendulum is one way of doing that.

This is all a part of doing the inner work to connect to your spiritual self. Once you do, you will find the answers you are looking for to direct your life.

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