Accuracy of Pendulum Dowsing


The precision of dowsing requires comprehension and thought. On the off chance that we dowse with thought and understanding of how the procedure works, dowsing not only works accurately, as well as is amazingly dependable.

Each dowser encounters the disappointments of getting false responses to some of their questions. In my thirty-four years of dowsing I have developed certain conclusions that have brought to light some reasoning that help to explain and understand the dowsing accuracy phenomenon.

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One of the first books I read about dowsing put forth the essence of dowsing in its simplest terms. It stated that our creator gave us the dowsing ability for the specific purpose of self-preservation and to help insure man’s survival.

This can be demonstrated by the fact that for thousands of years man has successfully used dowsing to find water, and having this ability has been a crucial element for sustaining life, and insuring our self-preservation.

I have found that all dowsing questions can be broken down into several different categories, and only two of the categories can be relied upon for dowsing accuracy.


Self-preservation not only applies to our personal health and well being, but also the health and well being of our inner circle of friends and loved ones. Over the years every dowsing question I have asked encompassing this category has produced accurate results every time.

Here are a few of my own experiences with dowsing accuracy in this category

While traveling on a freeway in my truck and camper that was filled with friends and family I began to wonder if the tires on my truck were safe to drive on at the speed I was going. I dowsed the question using my cranial pendulum and got an emphatic no! Within two seconds after my foot hit the break to slow down the right rear tire blew out, and it took fighting for control over three freeway lanes to gain enough stability to pull over to the side and stop. (The cranial pendulum is a hands-free method of dowsing that any dowser can learn, and is explained in my map-dowsing course).

While camping in the wilderness with my wife and kids we decided to take our four-wheel drive vehicle into the mountains and enjoy the view from the mountain roads and fire trails. We were having so much fun that we lost all track of time and didn’t realize that it would soon be dark. Since the entire area was a maze of trails and forks in the road, and to make matters worse we were getting low on gas, we all knew that it would be almost impossible to retrace our movements back to camp in the dark. As everyone had a different idea about which direction our camp was, I decided to rely on my cranial pendulum to dowse the way back to camp. I’m glad I did. As it turned out, I made all the correct turns, and we were back in camp in less then ten minutes.

In the years between my first and second marriage I met many women, and before I would consider developing a relationship I would always dowse them for sexually transmitted diseases. If I felt an attraction at first sight, using my cranial pendulum allowed me to do this from a distance without having to meet them. As time passed the results of my dowsing proved to be lifesaving.

After being without health insurance for over twenty years, my wife turned sixty-five and qualified for Medicare. When she went in for her first physical the doctors found two large spots on her lungs. I immediately started dowsing to find out if it was cancer. I received a no to every question I asked. Because dowsing has never failed me in this category, I was convinced that she did not have cancer, and I told everyone my findings, even though the doctors and her family all thought she did. It turned out my dowsing was right. Lung surgery proved that the spots in question were caused by parts of the lung simply dying-off, and the doctors could not explain why.

To me, when dealing with the category of safety and self-preservation, I consider my dowsing to be an open line of communication between me and my guardian angle, and the guardian angles of my inner circle of friends and loved ones.

Before I delve into the one other category that always produces dowsing accuracy, let’s look at some categories that don’t always provide truthful answers:

Want to know… Need to know… Right to know…

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Just because we want to know something, or think we need to know, doesn’t mean that we have a right to know the truthful answer to a question. Determining our right to know is not within our scope of abilities or understanding. Once we go beyond the root reasons for having the dowsing ability (self-preservation and survival), the all-knowing entity that decides how to answer our questions does the reasoning for us. If a question we ask invade the privacy of another, is ill intended, or does not have a meaningful, positive purpose, we cannot rely on getting an accurate answer.


Many dowsers who have been involved with dowsing for a long period of time have seen people who attempt to demonstrate the credibility of dowsing and dowsing accuracy on YouTube or in an event covered by the news media. Although the dowsers who perform the demonstrations may have a proven record of successful dowsing, I have yet to see a public demonstration pass the credibility test. I believe this is because man’s dowsing ability is spiritual in nature, is a gift to mankind, and was never intended or allowed to be flaunted.

The gray area in dowsing

I have found that the all-knowing entity that determines whether or not to give us correct answers to our dowsing questions can be encouraged to give our questions more serious consideration before responding. Let’s face it, many of the questions we ask are unimportant, frivolous, not well thought out, and subject to different interpretations. If we were to think of our all-knowing benefactor as a mortal being, think how bored, uninterested, and even irritated he would be when we ask him to waste his time considering questions without real beneficial purpose. We couldn’t really blame him for ignoring our questions and even slapping our dowsing instrument around causing it to produce erroneous answers.

Dowsing accuracy test (Force Verses Response)

You will discover below, there is a distinction between passive dowsing energy and focused dowsing energy.

If you have an important, serious question that you absolutely must have a truthful answer to, the result you get from performing this test should be reliable.

Grasp a plain wire coat hanger firmly in your hands palms up as shown. Position the hook end up about a 35-degree angel. Now, think of a question that you know the answer to like: (Does my daughter love me?) Instruct the hook on the coat hanger to point to the floor for an affirmative answer. Repeat the same question over and over again. You will find that the coat hanger hook will force its way towards the floor, and you won’t be able to stop it no matter how tight your grasp is.

A healing rose quartz new age pendulim

By doing this test your benefactor will recognize that you are asking a serious question that deserves attention, and as you use the test with other dowsing questions you should discover that your benefactor is not inclined to impose a significant force to give you a false answer.

If you teach dowsing, the coat hanger test is an excellent way to demonstrate the existence of dowsing energy to a new student. A similar test can be made using various other dowsing instruments, but without the dramatic results. If you use an older type coat hanger made of heavy gage wire, be aware that the twisting force exerted by the hanger can cause injury to your hands.

The one other category that always produces accurate results is (Incremental Dowsing)

Because this category does not require asking for information that only your benefactor would know, you can always be certain that you will get accurate answers to your questions. The process is as basic and simple as dowsing can get. In fact, it embraces a totally new dowsing technology that is ideally suited for the practice of map dowsing. Utilizing this new technology allows you to solve crimes, locate abducted children, and even find lost buried treasures with ease.