A Helpful Guide on How to Use a Pendulum

A Helpful Guide on How to Use a Pendulum

A Helpful Guide on How to Use a PendulumA pendulum can be a very useful tool for aiding in spiritual healing and inner growth. The actual definition of a pendulum is an object attached at the end of a metal chain or string that, when suspended from a stationary position, will swing either in a circular motion or back and forth. When envisioning a pendulum, one might think of an object with four metal balls, known as Newton’s pendulum. Or, one might think of a watch clock swinging back and forth from a chain as a pendulum. Pendulums can come in all shapes and sizes. They can be made from multiple types of materials, including wood, glass, metals, and crystals. However, a wooden pendulum tends to be the pendulum of choice within the healing community, as other materials tend to absorb energies that can interrupt or influence information.

How Does a Pendulum Help with Healing?

Pendulums can help promote healing in a number of ways. One way is through the process of dowsing, which is a process that helps seek out invisible energies, thus connecting you to higher energies while locating blocks in positive energy by negative vibes. Pendulums can also help with balancing out your chakras and relieving forms of pain in both the physical and emotional forms.

How Does One Use a Pendulum?

A Helpful Guide on How to Use a PendulumThe first step in using a pendulum is to choose your pendulum. However, it should actually be the pendulum that chooses you. Touch and get a feeling for the pendulum. If you feel a temperature change or a sense of vibration, it could very well be the perfect pendulum for you.

Next, you’ll want to cleanse the pendulum. This can be done by simply holding it under cold, running tap water, soaking it in sea salt, or using your mental acuity to free it of any energies it may have picked up. In cleansing your pendulum, it will be ready to go to work for you and your clients.

In using a pendulum, it’s important to understand its directional swings. Pendulums will swing in circular movements, vertical straight lines, and horizontal lines. In understanding the direction of pendulum swings, you’ll then be able to define them during a session. You can ask your pendulum to show you what certain responses look like. Pose questions such as, what does no look like and what does yes look like? In preparing your questions, be sure the answers from your pendulum can be responded too either positively, negatively, or in a neutral response.

In asking your pendulum questions, you should ask plenty in order to be able to receive enough aid from your pendulum during a client’s session. Also, make sure you are stopping the pendulum completely after a question in order to clear any lingering energies before asking the next question. That way energies from the previous questions won’t be interfering with the answers to the next question posed.

One last tip to consider is to make sure you clear your pendulum of any negative energies before and after each time it’s used. That way your readings will be more accurate and able to tune into a client’s energies all the more efficiently.