How to Use Pendulum Readings?


Since the start of human existence, people have looked for answers and guidance in life’s decisions from anyone at anywhere. One of the numerous methods that individuals utilized was pendulum readings. What are pendulum readings? The vast majority hear pendulum and they consider something swinging forward and backward musically on a string, however this isn’t exactly a pendulum reading.

pendulum 1

What You Need for Pendulum Reading

Pendulum readings do require a pendulum. Some say you should get a crystal or stone that is attached to a metal chain and shaped like an upside-down teardrop.  Others say any material such as metal or wood will also work as a pendulum and that the chain could instead be a silk cord. Others might say that using a personal item such a wedding ring or important necklace can work better, because the piece already is in tune to your energies.

An optional item that you could use as well is a pendulum board. The board can map out what the various directions the pendulum swings will signify. Normally boards have a yes, no, maybe, do not want to answer on them. They can be mapped with words or with images.  You will have to train your pendulum to swing corresponding to the board, so you can get consistent readings. Some pendulum readers like to use pendulum boards, others prefer to learn how their pendulum expresses yes and no.

What Can Be Asked?

pendulum 3Pendulums can be used to answer yes or no questions. It is important to be specific in your questions, because a too general one can lead to an answer that is true, but not the specific answer you were looking for.  For example, “Is this food good?” could bring about a yes answer, because nutritionally that food is good. However, if you are sick the food might not be good for you at the moment in time so a better question could be, “Will this food help my body fight this illness?”

Questions about things that you have no control over, such as “Will my boss choose me for the promotion?” Instead asking “Will I receive a promotion at work?” is more applicable, because it applies to you. Some people can do pendulum readings for others, but this takes lots of practice, so in general keep the readings about you.

How to Use Pendulums for Readings?

Pendulums move according to the energy vibrations of your subconscious and guiding spirits. It is important to practice with your pendulum to learn how it communicates and to bring it into synch with your energies. You can do this by asking several questions that you already know the answer to, such as “Is my name Emily?” and “Do I have brown eyes?” You want to ask a variety of yes and no questions, until you know how you pendulum answers.

pendulum 2With new pendulums it is important to do this practice at the beginning of each session to continue to being you in synch. As you grow, your pendulum might change how it answers questions so it is important to recheck every once in a while.

Some people like to carry their pendulum with them to have them on hand and to keep their energies close together. Others will store their pendulum in a special place in their home. No matter what you choose to do with your pendulum when you’re not using it, it is important to avoid letting other handle your pendulum as it can muddle the energies and create off readings until you recalibrate the pendulum to you.

Pendulum readings are relatively simple in theory, but it can take lots of practice and focus to prefect your technique and to receive consistently clear readings.