Receiving Psychic Messages thru a Pendulum


4473854It is important to realize when spirit is communicating through the responses of the pendulum, it is the subconscious part of your mind that is moving the pendulum, not spirit. Spirit answers through the subconscious. This is why it is important to be clear of unconscious subconscious blocks to spirit communication. If your subconscious was trained (usually this happens in childhood) to fear spirits, or not to see or hear spirits, or that spirits do not exist, your subconscious will block spirit communication. When you ask for spirit communication and you have a subconscious block to this, your subconscious will supply the answers and/or visions you receive and it will attempt to please you by bringing you what you want to see and hear. Until you know if you have such blocks (information you can gain through the pendulum) and have done the work of clearing these blocks from the subconscious (not the conscious) mind communicate only with your own Higher Self. If information is needed from other spirit levels, your Higher Self will ask for this and will then give that information to you.

A pendulum works on the principle that our nervous system responds to subtle energies that we may not even be aware of. We are always interacting with outside energies and we are not always consciously aware of this. The pendulum helps you link with those parts of you, which are aware of this electromagnetic interaction. it is estimated that the subconscious mind controls 90 percent of body and brain function. It is also the source of our higher form of perception and intuition (those aspects that do not come through the lower five sensory organs) memory, creativity and abstract thinking.

The nervous system sends electrical signals and impulses which cause the pendulum to move. The swinging of the pendulum is caused by the involuntary muscle action stimulated by the subconscious mind through the sympathetic nervous system of the body.

The subtle messages received through the aura are lodged within the nervous system. The pendulum becomes a bridge between the subconscious and conscious minds.


It is necessary to keep emotions out of the pendulum technique.

1. Spend a few moments using relaxing breathing and meditative techniques.
2. Feel your pendulum look at it and holding it in you hand spend a few moments getting to know it.
3. Sitting in a comfortable position rest your elbow on a solid surface.
pendulum-goddess4. Hold the chain of the pendulum between thumb and index finger.
5. Let the pendulum swing with no intent.
6. Now circle it in one direction
7. Rest
8. Circle it in another direction
9. Next move it horizontally, vertically, diagonally.
10. Play with your pendulum giving it instruction.
11. Program your pendulum
12. What signifies yes or no. – establish your own code.


Place a chart of colours in front of you.

Question your pendulum

What is the primary colour of ________’s aura?

Let the pendulum swing and point the area on the chart that most depicts the colour

What is the moist important colour in _________’s aura?
Is red a part of ______’s aura
Is there brown around the head area of ______’s aura?

Develop a list of questions to find out about your own or someone else’s aura.

Pendulums can be used to help you connect to your intuition in all matters. It simply requires you to program the pendulum and then set up a list of questions.

Do not be afraid to experiment. By practising on the less important items. When the time comes for your pendulum to assist you with the bigger issues you will already be a very successful partnership.

The use of a pendulum requires the channel to be as clear as possible. That is why it is good for you to be aware of contamination and weakening in your aura so you can do something about it – before you become sick.