Picking a Pendulum

Picking a Pendulum

Picking a PendulumIf you are starting to do readings and you want to find the perfect pendulum, you need to find one that not only looks good but also one that feels right.  If you are connected to a certain pendulum then it could be the one for you.

There are different kinds of pendulums that are out there, and it can be hard to know which one to pick:


Gemstones make great pendulums because the stones hare full of energies.  The energies can make the pendulum to swing better and give more answers.

Most people like to have a quartz pendulum because this is meant to bring clarity.  Some like amethyst because they are popular and bring a strong spiritual connection.  If you want a pendulum for the heart, a rose quartz can be helpful.


Metal pendulums are made of silver or stainless steel and are popular.  They can be perfect because they have a lot of energy and are strong and give good answers.


Wood pendulums are pretty but do not have a lot of energies and are not very strong.  They are light and if they are heavy, they are hard to swing.


The shape of the pendulum is up to you.  There are many different shapes and sizes, and most have a pointed end but you can decide what kind you like best.


Pendulums that are caged is a place where you can put paper to keep your thoughts or your ideas hidden.  You can fill these with herbs or spices.


Teardrop pendulums are good for beginners and are shaped like a drop of water.


This pendulum is meant for healing and can bring unity and balance.


Sephoroton is usually made with a gemstone and metal and can be very sensitive to feelings and vibrations.  This is one of the best pendulums.

No matter what the shape is, you need to trust your insides when you make a choice and pick the one you feel drawn to.  Find the one that fits your readings the best.