Pendulum Reading 101


    A pendulum is a very potent and reliable tool for connecting to a higher guidance and getting right answers to any question. Although it only takes a few minutes to learn how to use a pendulum, it can take a bit of practice to master the art of pendulum dowsing for maximum pendulum reliability.


A pendulum is – in this case – a small weight on the end of 6 – 10 inch piece of thread, string, twine, or chain.


Thought moves the pendulum. Thought directs the subconscious as to the direction in which the pendulum is to move. The subconscious uses the brain to send signals along the neurological pathways that control the muscle “twitches” that move the pendulum in the desired direction.


To gain information from:

1) Your Subconscious Mind.

2) Your body and cells of your body.

3) Your Higher Self (the intuitive spiritual part of your spirit).

4) Other Spirits.

 Spirit answers through the subconscious. This is why it is important to be clear of unconscious subconscious blocks to spirit communication. If your subconscious was trained (usually this happens in childhood) to fear spirits, or not to see or hear spirits, or that spirits do not exist, your subconscious will block spirit communication. When you ask for spirit communication and you have a subconscious block to this, your subconscious will supply the answers and/or visions you receive and it will attempt to please you by bringing you what you want to see and hear. Until you know if you have such blocks (information you can gain through the pendulum) and have done the work of clearing these blocks from the subconscious (not the conscious) mind communicate only with your own Higher Self. If information is needed from other spirit levels, your Higher Self will ask for this and will then give that information to you.


Anywhere from accurate to completely inaccurate. The proper use of a pendulum, given below, can greatly enhance accuracy. Nevertheless, you will soon notice you can look at your pendulum and think which way you want it to move and it will move in that direction. The challenge of using a pendulum is to clear your mind completely of any conscious and unconscious thoughts about which directions the pendulum will move and which direction you want it to move. This is easier to do in some areas than in others. It is very difficult, if not impossible, to do when you are emotionally invested in something. Which is why you do not want to rely on the use of a pendulum to make decisions that affect your ego or your emotions. Use the pendulum as one of several tools for gathering information from which you can make well informed choices.


Many health food stores, metaphysical book shops, psychic fairs, crystal shops sell pendulums as do many massage centers.


Use a piece of thread, string, thin rope or chain of about 6 – 8 inches and loop it through or tie to one end a ring, pendent, metal washer, crystal, wood – anything that makes a weight. (Do not use magnets or magnetized objects.)


    • Take a piece of paper. Draw a circle on it. Draw a vertical straight line down the middle of the circle. Draw a horizontal across the middle of the circle. You will now have a big cross in the middle of the circle. Now draw a big X in the circle by drawing a two diagonal straight lines. Your circle will look like this:

  • Sit down. Breathe in and out slowly. EVERY TIME before you use a pendulum mentally imagine yourself surrounded with a gold and white protective light. Now mentally imagine the light of your spirit flowing in through the top of your head (crown chakra) to your third eye. Mentally image this white light flowing to a mental image or thought in your mind of the planet earth – surrounding and filling it. This will increase your own spiritual and physical energy. Now mentally image the white light of your spirit filling your brain and your body. Now tap a 3 inch circle around your thymus – counter clock wise. (The thymus is about an inch and a half below the hollow between your collar bones on your chest. Start tapping at 12:00, just above the thymus. Then tap 11:00, 10:00, 9:00 and so on to make about a 3 inch circle around the thymus. This circle is the clock and you are tapping counter clock wise.) Tapping your thymus in this manner balances the meridian energy flows of your body. This is important in any kind of muscle response testing, which is what you are using when using a pendulum.
  • The next five steps you will only need to do once. Their purpose is to establish the directions for your muscle testing response: Place your feet on the floor and place the paper on the floor between your feet. Rest the lower arm of the hand that is holding the pendulum along your thigh. Hold the end of the string/thread/rope or chain between your thumb and a finger. It does not matter which hand you use or which thumb or which finger or even if you use two fingers instead of a thumb. Let the pendulum dangle down between your knees so that the weight at the end of the string is dangling above the center point of the circle (where the lines intersect).
  1. Say aloud: “Show me the ‘yes’ signal.” (You are talking to your subconscious.) Note the direction the pendulum moves. Clock-wise around the circle? Counter Clock-wise around the circle? Side to side? Up and down? Diagonally? (If the pendulum does not move immediately, continue to say “Yes”, “Yes”, “Yes” aloud until it does. This could happen quickly, or it may take awhile. If it has not happened after 10 minutes, move on to the “no” directions below or try this again later. Once the pendulum is moving in a definite direction for “yes” state aloud: “This direction is my ‘yes’ signal.”
  2. Say aloud: “Show me the ‘no’ signal.” (You are talking to your subconscious.) As with the ‘yes’ signal, note the direction the pendulum moves. (If the pendulum does not move immediately, continue to say “no”, “no”, “no” aloud until it does.) Then say aloud “This is my ‘no’ signal.”
  3. Repeat these steps to find these directional signals: “kind of”, “don’t know”, “can’t say”, “ask later.”
  4. Now make several simple statements (one at a time) to which you know the answers. Such as: My name is ____. I live at __________. I am _______ years old. My hair color is ______. My eye color is _____. This is for practice and to make certain your signals are working properly.
  5. Once you are certain of the directions for each response, mark these down on the paper with the circle so that you remember them. You can use the circle graph each time you use the pendulum until you are familiar with the responses. When this happens you will no longer need to use it. You can then hold the pendulum in any way you want, as long as you keep the arm and hand steady.