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Pendulum Dowsing Explained

Pendulum Dowsing Explained

Pendulum dowsing is a simple way to connect with the higher self and your spirit guides to gain accurate answers about various topics in life. Whether you have concerns over money, purpose, health, and relationships, pendulum dowsing can help.

Even if you have never come across pendulum dowsing as something to try, a bit of practice can allow you to practice the skill. Read on to learn what pendulum dowsing is and how to use it.

What is Pendulum Dowsing?

Pendulum dowsing is a form of dowsing that works much like an antenna. The pendulum absorbs energy from all around you, including your subconscious. Science says this is actually the pendulum picking up electromagnetic energy.

To practice pendulum dowsing, hold a weighted crystal, attached to a string or chain, between your thumb and forefinger as you ask a question. The movements of the crystal, pendulum, provide an answer. Most people use yes or no type questions, but with practice, more complex answers can be provided. Rumors have often circulated that greats like da Vinci and Einstein used pendulum dowsing.

What is it Used For?

Pendulum dowsing is used for a variety of reasons, locating things that are missing, getting answers, and connecting with spirit guides. Some even communicate with pets to understand their needs. Now that you understand what it is, you can get started.

Choosing a Pendulum

Your pendulum does not have to be anything fancy, in fact, anything weighted and hanging from a string will work. If you are using anything other than a crystal, toss it after a few uses because it is not immune to the vibes around. This means regular cleansing is needed, even for crystals to clear the energy that has been taken on.

Either way, no need to spend a fortune on a pendulum. However, if you want something super nice, there are many available online. Whatever you use as a pendulum, take time to think about what you want the pendulum to do, what you wish to achieve, and what made you consider pendulum dowsing originally.

Crystal Pendulums

If you want something specific and are looking online for a pendulum, there are several specific stones and crystals that make excellent pendulums. Certain ones have different meanings and associations, which is why you need to answer the questions listed prior to buying. A few common ones are listed below.

Quartz Crystal

Quartz is known to be an amplifier for energy. This makes it ideal for picking up messages and providing clearer channels for answers. There are different colors of quartz. Clear quartz is best for awakening, transmitting, and amplifying energy to clarify thoughts. This crystal helps you to be able to connect to the higher self and spirit guides, while also removing negative energy.


Agate is a crystal for courage and strength that helps ground emotions and physical energy. It provides strength to both body and mind which helps you to accept yourself and see the truth. Also capable of eliminating negative energy, agate calms racing thoughts and nourishes the spirit.


Amethyst is commonly associated with the Third Eye and Brow Chakras. If the goal is to develop spirituality and intuition, this is the crystal to use. It can further help you gain peace and stability while enhancing meditation and psychic abilities. Amethyst can bring clarity and understanding, offering a restful night if placed under the pillow.


The citrine is a revitalizing gemstone that cleanses as it amplifies happiness, hope, warmth, and courage. Citrine has the potential to enhance self-expression while boosting creativity and self-esteem. Citrine is believed to hold the energy of the sun so it carries cleansing and revitalizing qualities. It can attract abundance as your body and soul are awakened.

Green Jade

Associated with the Heart Chakra, green jade can help with the balance of emotions, remove negativity, and bring purity into life. Green jade radiates with love, wisdom, serenity, and courage. Use as a protection from harm, find your purpose, and awaken your true self.


Labradorite has long been associated with mystic power and protection because it clarifies thought processes and adds to the energy.  It is ideal for connecting with the higher self with more intensity. This allows you to find a spiritual purpose as well as raise consciousness and intuition. It has also been useful for reflection and illuminating true intentions.

Choosing the Right Crystal

Let your intuition guide you to the correct pendulum, not the provided list. If a specific crystal calls to you, pick it and trust it is the right one.

How to Use a Pendulum

Once you have made or purchased a pendulum, start by cleaning and dedicating it before the first use. This is important for accurate answers.

Cleansing the Pendulum

Cleaning the pendulum is just part of the ritual. There are several ways to go about this. A few are shared below.

  • Leave the pendulum on the window seal so it can be doused in sun or moonlight and soak up goodness.
  • Put sea salt and water in a glass and let the pendulum soak for at least 8 hours, then lay it in the sun to dry.
  • Burn white sage in a fireproof container and place the pendulum in the smoke for a few moments. Allow this for at least five minutes.

Repeat this between uses to rid the pendulum of negative energy.


Dedicating your pendulum allows for a connection on an energetic level. You only want to allow light beings to use the pendulum so this is necessary. Trust your intuition in this ritual. Light a fresh, cleansed candle or sage and say aloud that the pendulum is dedicated to the light. Include that only light spirits and beings can use it before you begin dowsing.

Then, set an intention for your pendulum. This ensures effective use. This refers back to the questions you answered in the beginning. To do this, place it above a candle flame or the sage smoke and keep it there until it stops all movement.

How Does Dowsing Work?

No one can truly define how a pendulum works, but just because we do not understand the specifics, does not mean it is ineffective. No need to be a psychic or medium, pendulum dowsing is for everyone.

What Can be Asked?

Any question can be asked of a pendulum, so it is not limited to one area. However, if you set an intention, this will be the most accurate area. You can ask about lost things, broken items in a house, equipment malfunction, and even health problems. The choice is yours. You can also gain assistance in making decisions if desired.

How to Divine Answers

A pendulum typically swings as a form of an answer, but each is unique. This is why it is best to ask the pendulum to teach you to read it.

Calibrating for Yes or No

Hold the pendulum in your dominant hand and ask the pendulum to show you a yes. Pay attention to how it moves. Do the same with no. Continue with maybe or I don’t know. This final direction is reserved for when the pendulum wants you to be aware the answer is outside its scope of the basic answers. Keep practicing until you are very familiar with the directions. Pendulums go in four basic directions:

  • Forward and back
  • Side to side
  • Clockwise
  • Counterclockwise

Now take time to test the pendulum and practice. Ask a few questions you know the answer to and observe the answers. If the pendulum is 90% or higher correct, then you are ready for dowsing. Less than this means more practice is needed or another cleaning may be necessary.

Going Beyond

It can be fun and functional to receive yes or no answers, but when you are ready to move on there are techniques to use. Start by making a list of ten items that are in the room, seven definite items and three that are not. Allow the pendulum to hang over each item and ask if that item is in the room. If the pendulum is accurate the majority of the time, then move onto harder questions. If not go back to previous steps.

After the list, try 8-ball type answers. List several complex answers and use the same technique as the list above. Remember to ask accurate and clear questions to gain an answer. The same can be done with a phone book to choose a service provider or professional for a job.

Another option is to use a calendar to choose a specific date for an activity. Ask the question and swing the pendulum, it will swing a different way than with yes or no answers, to indicate a date. Keep practicing to perfect this skill. You may also want to try pendulum dowsing charts.

Where Do Answers Originate?

If the pendulum has been dedicated to light then the answers should come from spirit guides, angels, and other light beings. This is why dedication is so important. Pendulums cannot open doors to spirits into your home, they can only share what is already there. If there are concerns about the pendulum, ask it whether it is energetically clear and if a light being is working the pendulum. If either answer is no, cleanse the pendulum again right away.

Protection from Dark Spirits

Even though your pendulum is dedicated to light, a dark spirit can enter from time to time. No need to fear, you still have control. This is more likely when you use your pendulum when tired because you are at a lower vibration level, so make sure to be well-rested before use. However, if dark spirits do enter, there are a few things that can help.

Use sea salt to help. Take a handful and say a prayer over it, asking the highest light beings to infuse it with light energy. Intent is important, so chant a prayer as you sprinkle the salt around you in a circle.

You may also wish to burn sage, white sage, to cleanse the room. If the smoke does not overwhelm you, get several bunches to burn before practicing dowsing.

Beyond this, simply enjoy pendulum dowsing.


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